Whatever it is…

Sometimes in your life, you’ll find situations that will bring you down to your knees, others will make you jump up for joy, others will trick and trip you to make you fall,  as I advance in age, I realize that no matter what happens, I try to make sure that it doesnnt change who I am. when situations in life starts to change who you are, you need to watch out. Situations will come and go, its up to you, to not make it change God’s plan for your life and your destiny…

My testimonies

So, i just wanted to put some things down, not really doing much at the time, and for the past couple of days, i haven’t been doing much. As you all know, it easter break and for the next couple of days. it’ll be kinda lonely for me. However, i feel this will be and actually is already making me feel better. K. maybe later, i’ll get into the juicy details as the days roll by…

the greatest shock of my life!!!

usually, when you’ve offended someone and you apologize for what it is you’ve done, you’re usually forgiven.

 I just got the shock of my life from someone i least expect it from. I usually do favors without expecting anything back, i do it from the bottom of heart for the moment. However, due to some circumstances, i offended a good friend of mine, my so called friend said, after about four days of not speaking to each other, that (1) i wasn’t forgiven and (2) that he’d actually forgotten about me. I apologized and respected his wishes and we said our goodbyes.

  Is there anything i could have done differently? i mean i did apologize and he said it wasn’t enough, he said he felt like he was shot and that he was injured badly and couldn’t recover from the wound. Anyway, i felt like i had to release some of shock by writing it down. 

 The whole day, i was able to get through, i got through making the banner, i got through printing the church pamphlet, i got through going to queens the second day in a row, i got through a lot today and just before i go to bed, i messed it p for myself.  I’ll try and get some sleep now….


Crazy dreams to nightmares.

I’ve been having crazy dreams lately. The dreams are usually regarding my brother, getting lost or getting injured and also involving church somehow. So i was at church that day and we took the van, at the end of the service, i was getting help from someone who told me to fill out a form however he took so long until it was nightfall, everybody had left for home. My brother decided to buy something at the store, but he didn’t return on time, he came to get me and he took me to the place or maybe i went to look for him, i saw him go into a house, about three story building, nothing much special about it, i didn’t go in, however, he didn’t come out of the house with me, i decided to come down out of the house, two ladies were coming up as i was going down and they looked so very happy for some reason, but i was devastated, i couldn’t find my brother, i decided to go back to the church, to my surprise, my van was gone and nowhere to be found, then the most alarming thing happened, i guy started walking toward me, i saw him, s if he wanted to help, then the lights in the church compound started flickering, he ran back and kept running, to his car and sped off.Nightmare by Vicent Hui I didn’t want to learn about what he was running from so i ran too to the nearest house. Everyone was walking to the back in a hurry, and i joined them, the elevator like container allowed you to sit and it kept taking everybody deeper and further into a tunnel which was still in the house, i asked no questions. I later found myself in another world. In this world, every minute of the day is survival. I told myself, as long as I can make it through the night here, I’ll go back and get my brother. I immediately saw his best friend, Peter, he knew how to stay alive but he wouldn’t tell me the secret verbatim. He was holding a rock, a black rock, shiny and smooth, he gave me one too and he shook hands with some people and some people he didn’t. I didn’t know how to discern who to shake, and who not to. Peter disappeared in another distant; I had managed to follow him for a while, then my rocks started getting bigger and bigger in my hands, when I was almost caught b y the inhabitants of the strange land, I threw my rocks at them and then they started shooting arrows at me. They shrieked at first but I started climbing up, it felt as though, I was on a cloud, which kept rising and rising, until they couldn’t hurt me no more and then I woke up.