Whisper the Words

In a world that is so loud and extravagant, sometimes, all you need to do is whisper the important things. important information shouldn’t be spread to the winds… Cell phones, internet and other communication devices are making our world and generation become a much quiet one, perhaps too silent and still but growing fast toward its ruin.  one message, text messages and all you have to do is press send… no emotion, no attachments, no laughter, no sadness, no lingering, no expression, nothing… Loud discussions, loud conversations, loud markets, loud music, loud cities, loud cars, loud classes, loud people, loud drama, loud dinner… Oh, just whisper the words to me…

D.U.I. of cellphones

ok, so i’m driving home today from work, and the most amazing thing happened, there was an accident but there was no traffic, there was no jaw dropping line up of staring drivers at the incident… was the accident not worth the trouble, was it not juicy enough, no casualties maybe…


Why can’t everyone mind their own business when they’re driving, looku, looku, like lukman…so first they slow down their cars so much it causes another traffic disaster,with everyone absorbing every bit of information of an accident. mind your own business so that everyone can get home on time and not sleep at the wheels from boredom and cause another accident…

the other thing that pisses me off really good, is the other issue of texting and driving and its consequences, as a driver, you have to drive for everyone else on the road, you trust yourself as a driver however there are crazies out there that you’ll need to be careful of, you have to anticipate a negative action by another driver and plan a solution ahead to prevent an accident. When i see these old people texting, its like…no words can express how i feel… sometimes i text while driving, howeverr as of today, i have stopped, i’ve seen too many accidents to be added as a statistic. Be safe out there and God bless you…


In your journey in life, first be broken, be humble, then be forgiving and by being merciful to your fellow neighbors, the rest will be added unto you. It’s a good thing to wait for God’s time in your life. In my everyday activity, be it school, driving, or that moment when I’m about to sleep, my mind wonders and I think about how blessed I really am, I try my best not to complain, God has done it for me. There are some out there that were let go from their jobs, there are some out there who don’t have their health or struggling to live; there are also some who have no money, they don’t know where the next meal is going to come from, there are bills to be paid off but no more resources. I take a couple of minutes to think about these things and it breaks my heart that God loves me loves me so much despite the fact that I’m not perfect. I heard something today from Donnie Mclurkin; he said we tend to think about ourselves too much, greatness does not involve when and what we do for ourselves but what we do for others. Greatness comes when you start to think of others and yourself. I am happy to go to bed today, because by God’s grace, I have a home and a bed to lay on, it was not claimed in the tornado, or in a fire, or flooded, so for that I am grateful, God will provide for you that have no home or a bed to lay on tonight and most all peace, that no man can ever understand in your time of trouble….right now I’m going to bed, so goodnight. Next time…we’ll talk about the PATHS WE TAKE/DECISIONS  WE MAKE

We’ll cross the bridge…

So yesterday was the craziest Sunday of my job life, after work, I came home and all I could do was to take a shower, eat and go to bed. I hate to say this, but some people are so unbalanced in their life that they make it their business to make others lives as miserable as ever, then they bring that attitude to the workplace. Sometimes when you start your day at work, you can tell whether you’ll have a great day or a day from hell. I always tell myself what I want from the day as it starts. “I’ll have a good day no matter what happens” that didn’t work yesterday. It was one problem after and over another, I look at my draft now and I have absolutely no idea how the bridge came into play. I guess when I do get to that bridge, I’ll cross it. Just a word of advice to everyone who has a job, be careful what you say over the phone because you never know when these people will record what you say and use it against you in a court of law…I got my share on sunday. So anyway, that day is over and I’m happy…

You are not alone (MJ)…

I used to think ‘I am a lonely girl’, I used to think ‘this life is so easy to live’, I used to think ‘everyone cares about me’, I used to think ‘life is perfect’ and then I realized that no matter how lonely I get, no matter how hard life gets, God is always there by my side, and whoever doesn’t care about me and no matter how imperfect this life is, he will hold my hand through it all.

At the 12th anniversary of my church – Light of God IMC in Arverne, Queen, the pastor talked about gifts that God will grant us for gracing the occasion and that by next year, we will have testimonies…One important lesson I learned from last Sunday which stuck with me during the week was the fact of speaking out loud to our lives and confessing good things into our lives will lift you up. However, when you sometimes feel a little down, you just have to remember that message, no one can make you feel the way you feel, no one has authority over your life…EXCEPT YOU, it’s your choice and only yours

I am not alone: I realize today that there are lots and lots of people I’ve met and by knowing them have changed my life and also have had an impact on theirs.

No matter where you are in life
be it in the good times or in the bad
and in the in-betweens
always know that God doesn’t forsake his own
Guard your own…theirs is corrupt
the window to the body and soul
you must protect…crazy people have lost it
frustrated people are tortured by it
depressed people can’t think of it
guard your own and you’ll have peace of MIND!!!