I’m Journey

I was born in Lagos Nigeria. 25yrs ago, while my mom was still living with her mother. I attended POLICE CHILDREN SCHOOL for two years which is equivalent to Preschool here in the States and after finishing Kindergarten, my mum moved us to another state to start a new life with my dad who had been working there for a while. This was where I started my primary school days, which is a Junior high school here in the States. I think this is where my life started… my experiences here shaped my life for the future. I attended ST. FRANCISCAN NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL and as you can guess is a Catholic school. I learned so many things there in school and out of school.

There was a bit of a struggle at this stage of my life. My parents were struggling to make ends meet. Things were tough to the point that my dad had to start farming, he loved it though and my mom​ sold the harvest. I’m the eldest of three, so I had to help my dad when he went out to the farm which was quite a distance from home.The struggle continued until I almost graduated from my equivalent junior high school and we had to move again. This was actually because of a good news, my parents had won a Visa lottery to come to the States. Papers were filled out and signed, and my dad departed for New Jersey, U.S.A, my mom joined him a couple of months later.

I was shipped off to Lagos, where I was born to stay with an Aunt and my grandmother​ along with my immediate brother. Our last born, our baby brother, traveled with my mom, he was the lucky one apparently. My education continued through Shadel Montessori School, this was where I finally completed my junior high school days. I was held back one year because of grades and my age, I was too young to start with the present group. This level of my life ended with happiness, I was enjoying living with my grandmother and my aunt along with my brother, we got what we always wanted. When it was time for high school, another incident happened.

Well, my uncle decided it would be better if I went to a boarding school where he would be my caretaker​. My parents were furious when they heard of this plan, only it was too late, I was registered and my hair was shaved off. I was then whisked back to Lagos and later enrolled in Distinct Medal College. The owner frequented America and was able to communicate closely with my parents. However after two years, another issue came up, the Proprietress of the school suddenly hated me, and the end result happened that I had to be transferred to another school: Shadel International High school which happened to be the last high school I attended in Nigeria.

Culture Shock, decisions, decisions, decisions. My parents asked me in front of my guidance counselor at Curtis High school on Staten Island, what do you see yourself doing in future? and I replied, a nurse. “Good, we have an excellent nursing program here in our school.” was what my counselor said. My nursing journey; ther​efore started from there. The program was tough, but I proved tougher, there were times I wanted to quit, but with support from my family and teachers, I pushed through. Although I missed my family back home, I missed my friends, it took me till I was in college to make some new friends, I felt very lonely and a new hobby emerged, drawing. I graduated and passed my nursing boards in 2005 as an LPN.

Oh no, it didn’t end there, that’s just the beginning. I pressed on and continued on for my Associates degree and also my Bachelors which altogether was completed in 5 years at the College of Staten Island. My parents believed in education and they still do and therefore encourage me in going all the way. However, I took a break after these accomplishments. If only I knew then what I know now, I would’ve continued and never stopped. Well, God’s time they say is the best, so no regrets. It’s been three years now and I’ve pulled myself up and decided to start my Master’s Degree, a two-year​ program which will take place at PACE university in New York, New York. After this accomplishment, I hope to push myself harder and forward so I can also get my doctorate degree all before I’m 30 years old. I’m so excited to continue on this journey and so much more looking forward to it

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