I’m Shy

I’m Nigerian by birth. I’m a nurse practitioner by day and by night and on my days off and the rest of my time, I’m a hands on mom of 4 beautiful and expressive kids. To get to know the real me… and what makes me tick… and why I am the way I am… Read on, maybe you’ll get a glimpse. However, in the meantime, I’ve cared for many patients young and old who get well and go back to living their lives and other who passed on and you know how we say Rest in Peace to everyone who dies and it got me thinking… was this person living a peaceful life so that they can Rest in peace? Thus, this blog was birthed. How to live a peaceful life, situations we encounter that rocks our peaceful boats, living life in general to truly and fully Rest in Peace. What does Living in Peace mean to you?

Also, with the birth of my kids came a deep desire to document their adventures in life from growing up adventures to their ParkRaydars adventures. Check them out on instagram @manmaydes.

Email addy:     laravatar@gmail.com

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