It’s the  SOFT or the School of Fraternal Twins section of my channel and in this section where I usually talk about issues relating to my kids, how I cope with 4 of them, parenting them, growing with them, learning from them, and sometimes I talk about what they eat, what they wear, their routines and their relationships with each other and much more, under the umbrella of Living a peaceful life.

With kids, it’s important to sort of make everything look like fun, like they have a choice in the type of activity they want to do, especially with chores because thinking about it, who wants to do chores, but how about, who wants to play spin the wheel with kids where the options are chores/activity around the house. So for this episode, I decided to try it out, usually, I’ll just be screaming for the kids to pack up their toys or we’ll compete about it or we just leave everything lying around after I’ve given up or I’ll pack up the toys myself and dump them in the garbage. So let’s try this activity out, I call it, the chore chart. Kids think this life is all about fun, if you have the time, try to make it fun for them, especially during this quarantine times, this might be all the fun they’re getting for the day. Another thing is if you want a peaceful life, you need to make a life that is peaceful for your children or they’ll grow up to hate you or despise you or even hate life. Trust me, I can’t wait for schools to open back up with extracurricular activities because they need another place to use all the energy they have that’s been pent up for so long.


Gather your supplies – tape, scissors, recycled bottle caps, ruler, marker plastic folder,

Measure out how many chores you need, for this video we have 5 and Even out the spaces

Mark out the middle, and label the sides, To do and Done

Cut out the folder where you want the chore to slide

Label the bottle covers

Attach tape to the inside of the cover

Prepare the frame and place the folder in.

Place the folder backing to prevent slippage

Place the frame backing and display for the kids

When a chore is completed, the child will slide the bottle cover to the done section.

In the nearest future, i will be upgrading this design of course and making it much better.


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