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So yes, embarrassing right, peeing on myself, I’m sure you have a secret story as well about an embarrassing time of your life, and maybe it’s not for peeing on yourself like mine but embarrassing just as well. In this age of technology, embarrassing times might not go away completely because you can be reminded of them if it is documented as in photos and videos like in this one of me talking about that time I peed on myself. You wouldn’t know of this story I’m about to tell you unless you were there, or maybe you took a picture of me or maybe you recorded me in a video back then. This happened during the times when phones and internet were still in the baby stages many many moons ago.   

There’s a lot of reasons why I decided to talk about this time of my life. 1. to inform you about the importance of silence 2. the danger of silence 3. and the strength and power of your voice, your opinion, your tongue, your thoughts. Last year, I travelled back to my country, and I experienced a lot of things, even though it was only for a couple of days. Before I get into that, I will talk about my tiny little embarrassment that I never owned up until now.   

It was my first time ever traveling out of my country, the first time ever I would be on a plane. my first time ever traveling somewhat by myself I was with my brother . I was 14yrs old and he was 12, we knew nothing about nothing. We were scared but we played it cool. We knew nothing but we played it cool. We were kids, but we played it cool. We boarded the plane and of course as the oldest, I used that against my brother to sit by the window, my brother sat in the middle while another man sat on the aisle seat. I’ll finish this story really quickly. There’s a lot of luxury back home when you have the money and we didn’t have a lot of it. Juices were luxury I will say, orange juice, cranberry juice, bottled juice, boxed juice, 1 serving cup juice, those were special occasions only. So you can only guess my excitement when the air hostess told us we could get snacks and drinks by just clicking the button for assistance. I went wild, I must have drank 10 cups or more of orange juice that one way flight to New York before slept off.   

Now this is where silence got the best of me, was I scared, was I nervous, was I trying to be nice? I don’t know. Later I thought, it must have been all feelings rolled into one. After my juice escapades, I needed to use the restroom and I didn’t want to wake up the man who sat near us, needless to say, your girl held the pee and slept off again, when she woke up, she didn’t need to use the restroom anymore. Meanwhile, my best outfit to travel to New York in cold November was a shirt and my best silk skirt, after that flight, I should’ve burnt it, I think my mom threw it out, or maybe she burnt it, I don’t really know, I never saw that skirt ever again. My dad is going to laugh really hard if he ever watches this video. So anyway, we had blankets on the flight and it was really cold, your girl made a heavy choice, sit on the blanket to save my life, or freeze to death? You know your girl froze and being a silk skirt, my embarrassment was only known to me and all I needed to do was to say, excuse me, I need to use the rest room. 

I see Corona virus as an embarrassing time for the world right now, the earth as been caught peeing on itself literarily because this shouldn’t be happening now or ever with all that we know with technology and all, so, that goes to show that we still have a lot to learn. For the sake of this video, I’m going to focus on the aspect of the silence that happens in embarrassing situations. Now that you know what happened on my first journey from Nigeria to New York, what is the significance of this story to LinPRinP? I have thought about this experience over and over and this is what I could come up with. 

1. to inform you about the importance of silence, because sometimes, In life, there will always be a time to keep silent. The Bible talks about silence in Ecclesiastes 3:7 A time to be silent and a time to speak.   

I’m sure you’ve also heard it being said that silence is the best answer to a fool. I will marry silence with patience, because if you’re a patient person, then you’ll be silent in certain situations.   

2. to inform you about the dangers of silence because a lot of people have suffered and a lot are still suffering from situations that have happened to them many years ago. I know in my country there’s a while lot of situations that silence has been implemented as solutions  but than God Fortunately and unfortunately that Covid 19 has exposed a lot of our secrets secrets, it has exposed our fears, it has exposed our insecurities and where we need to work on as a people and as a nation just like in many other African countries. The virus has also exposed some powerful peoples’ agendas, it has exposed the true H U M A N on a whole lot of levels. Maybe the virus could’ve been contained sooner if they hadn’t kept silent about it for however long they did. I see silence as a quiet fart that fills a room and destroys it in seconds.   

3. I tell you my story to inform you lastly of the power of your voice, your opinion, your thoughts, your words. They say if looks can kill but I say, if words can kill. #metoo movement comes to my mind, many women stayed silent for whatever reason they had and when they realized, that their voices were powerful and enough to bring justice, together, they brought down years of oppression, years of being bullied, and years of hiding.   

What is the lesson? Embarrassing times will come and go. Hard times will come and go. And like daddy always says, Tough times never last, tough people do. It is what you do after these tough times have gone that will  determine your success over time, that is what will determine if you’re really tough. Should we even wait until the tough times come and go before we do the tough things, no, this is the time to prepare and plan and build and labor for the good times ahead. I know that because I’m hopeful, because I have faith that better times are still ahead. I hope this comes to you at the right time and if there’s something on your mind that needs to be said, or that needs to be done, let this period of quarantine be the down time you’ll need to build yourself up physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially and most importantly let this period mold your larvae into the beautiful butterfly I know you can be. Once again, our stories are being re-written as we know it and our slates are being wiped clean,   

Thank you very much for watching this episode.  

God willing, we are on this earth for an average of 75-80yrs.   

Let’s not waste any of our precious time on matters that don’t help us positively in some way.   

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