S.I.N.Y ::Staten Island to New York::

Welcome LinPRinPers, in todays vlog, I decided to take you on a journey of how we took a little trip to New York City from Staten Island with the kids during their break before Covid season but then what trip is little.

We stopped over at my dad’s job, aka kids grandpa, they were so excited to see where grandpa worked. It had been over almost 10 yeras since I dropped by my dad’s job. I saw my dad’s boss and the last time she had sen me was when I was in high school, that day was awesome, because, there was a lot of history in between those times that had sped by.

I have 4 kids and they’re all growing and time is really speeding by. Time they say flies when you’re having fun but it really takes a mentally string person to really adjust to the daily growth thats happening, come along, watch the video, subscribe to my youtube channel for more.

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