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Welcome to Laradiji’s LinP|RinP. Thank you for clicking. Eshe O, I’m a Nigerian American  lifestyle vlogger who loves living a peaceful life, and I love talking about situations we might find ourselves in that need peaceful endings.

In this post, I’ll be talking about 33 aspects of living life that I’m grateful for. Its been said that when we’re thankful for hat we have that’s the most beautiful thing. If you’ll like to see my list, then continue watching.

It’s February’s Living in Fast Express or the L.I.F.E section of my channel and in this section, I usually talk about issues that are on the news or issues that have sparked a response from me under the umbrella of Living a peaceful life.  If you’re about living a peaceful life, this channel is for you.

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  1. Because I believe in reincarnation, I’m glad I’m here earth at this moment as a human being, I could’ve have been birthed as a dog, a cat, a monkey but no, at thew right time and at the right moment, I was birthed a human being.
  2. Grateful for the opportunity to record this video
  3. To be alive for this long, 33 long yrs on earth
  4. Academically where I’m at I’m grateful
  5. I’m thankful for my most handsome and creative husband who works tirelessly to make look fabulous on screen
  6. I’m thankful for my kids who drive me nuts 90% of the time but I love them eternally
  7. I’m thankful for all my friends, those that love me, those that like me, those that hate me in frint and behind my back and those that wish they were me, not knowing the daily struggles I face. That’s just life.
  8. Thankful for my health, that my body is still the way it is after miscarriages and 4 kids I’m really thankful, trust me I’ve witnessed someone who passed on due to complications of childbirth after the birth of one child.
  9. I’m grateful for a peaceful life with no unnecessary drama, no unnecessary confusion, no unnecessary troubles because ill be lying if I say there are none.
  10. I’m grateful for journey mercies anytime I have to leave my house, and thank God for near misses, you know how many times I’ve left my house or when coming home, you see that accident that happened minutes before you see it? Only God’s grace and mercy over our lives, we’re definitely not better than those people.
  11. I’m thankful for protection from crazy drivers everyday, unfortunately, im sure other people consider us crazy as well behind the wheels.
  12. I’m grateful for seeing another beautiful day, multiply 33yrs x365 days to really understand what number 12 really means. 12045 days of seeing the sun and moon. Oh Lord, Am I this special in your eyes?
  13. Thankful for the type of person I am, calm, cool, collected, sometimes crazy
  14. Thankful that God did not makes a greedy person, greedy0-p people don’t understand the meaning of mortality, we’re not going to be here on earth forever, Use your time wisely, seriously.
  15. Thankful for my parents
  16. Thankful for my brothers who are sharing this journey of life with me, I could’ve have siblings who hate  my guts but they don’t.
  17. Thankful for my coworkers who encourage and root for me and make me want to be the best version of myself
  18. Thankful That im not on a sick bed, and to those I cater to who are on their sick beds, praying for your recovery and hoping you won’t be there too long.
  19. Thankful for all my senses, how else would I even be doing this?
  20. Grateful for my mentation, trust me, to me, I think the worst of life is to lose your senses when everything else is intact
  21. Thankful for all my body systems, cardiac, respiratory, integumentary, Urinary, gastrointestinal, nervous, circulatory and skeletal system
  22. Thankful to be in an environment where I can experiment with my creativity.
  23. Thankful for technology that makes it easy to connect with people far way
  24. Thankful for the job that I do although it gets stressful at times
  25. Thankful for all the skills I have.
  26. Thankful for every place my feet has stepped on
  27. Grateful for my past and everything in it  
  28. Thankful for the talents gOd has given me
  29. Thankful for this Channel and platform, the confidence to do this every week  is definitely not from any man.
  30. Thankful for my subscribers
  31. Thankful for the time you guys use to watch my videos
  32. The awesome future I know God has prepared for me and I hope your lives will be inspired
  33. Thankful for the many more stories still yet to be written  and shared with you awesome people.

Thank you very much for watching this episode. I hope you’ll also take time to be thankful for  this beautiful and awesome life you have that you’re living.

God willing, we are on this earth for an average of 75-80yrs.

Let’s not waste any of that precious time on matters that don’t help us positively in some way.

You have a decision to make, if not now, maybe later, the ball of thanksgiving is in your court.

Ask questions if you have any, don’t hesitate to leave a comment as well. 

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Please, let’s love our neighbors as ourselves and remember, to Rest.In.Peace, we all need to be Living.In.Peace. Stay blessed Bye bye. You’ll see me in my next one.

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