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It’s February’s LinP episode or the Living in Peace section of my channel where I talk about peaceful living in this chaotic and dramatic world, how I see it and how I live it. This section is the main section of my channel, If you’re about living a peaceful life as well, then this channel is for you.

In this post, I’ll be talking about Vision & our future vision, what we think they should and actually what they should be under the umbrella of living a peaceful life

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Living a peaceful life is sort of tied to having a healthy overall outlook, so one must be sound physically and spiritually and in general, like an all round wellness. It might seem unattainable at first but it sure is achievable.

Vision is the ability to see something physical while imagining something theoretically into the future or in other words, it is the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. Another definition of vision is the state of being able to see.

Let’s start with how our vision develops when we’re born, at birth, babies are nearsighted and objects in the distance are blurred, parents faces are seen first because they usually get close to the baby. And as they grow old, their vision begins to get more coordinated. By three months old, babies can follow moving objects and by 5 months of age, they’re able to judge depth of field of objects around them. By one to two yrs of age, hand eye coordination should be well developed. By 6 years of age, 20/20 vision is attained.

So of course with the year we just entered and the decade we just started year 2020, all I kept hearing and watching was, this is the year of 2020 vision, this is year of clarity, the year of overall success, wouldn’t you think so as well? And then my LinPRinP mind started thinking, if it takes a child 6 yrs to develop his physical vision, then year 2020 can’t be a year of clarity, if you haven’t put in the time and the work yet. So If you know this might be you, let 2020 be a year of sowing good seeds that will bring in a good harvest at the end of the day.

1.** Spiritually – our vision in this year and throughout this decade should be to get closer to God more in this new year. That is actually my number one goal for this new year. At the end of living a peaceful life, my goal at the end of the day is for my spirit to live on eternally at the bosom of the Almighty. That should be the goal of every believer.

2.** Physiologically – our vision in this year and throughout this decade should be to work on being physically fit in this year, if you haven’t already been doing so like Lara, this is my second top goal for this year. My fitness journey is 5 yrs overdue, so we will be snatching some muscles back this year God willing, When your physical is getting fit, you know your spirituality will catch up and vice versa.

3.** Psychologically – our vision in this year and throughout this decade should be to avoid putting garbage into people’s lives by avoiding, gossiping, mental stealing, envy, greed, unforgiveness, unrepentance, basically, you want to protect your mind, staying away from anything that can corrupt it through your senses.

4.** Emotionally – our vision in this year and throughout this decade should be to have a healthy balance between times of sadness and times of happiness. Its not all the time we’re naturally happy, when those sad times comes, do it for a moment and then rejoice so that the happy times can come. Also, our emotions should not get the best of us this year

5.** Academically – our vision in this year and throughout this decade should be to be the best we can in this year while striving not to give up on our dreams. The people of today want to be successful with lots of money in their bank account as a measure and they forget that true wealth comes from a lot of hard work and grit, a lot of sacrifice of energy, of time and of comfort.

6.** Relationshipally – our vision in this year and throughout this decade should be to strengthen relationships that might have been broken from previous years, and help each other out more. Take inventory of your relationship, and work on areas where you feel need resuscitation. Relationships have many departments and if a department is lacking, pls provide necessary the equipment needed, don’t be like the Nigerian government.

7.** Parentally – our vision  in this year and throughout this decade should be to start saving for our kids future. Give them more of your time now, I love seeing fathers spend time with their children because kids will learn from that interaction ultimately, they learn stability, inner strength, peaceful struggle, how to overcome adversities and please save money for your kids college and if they don’t go to college, use it to buy properties in their names.

8.** Economically – our vision  in this year and throughout this decade should be to encourage our youth to be more involved in the things relating to the economy, they need to contribute to the survival of the community at the grass roots level which can affect a whole nation on a larger scale. Also, Lies bribery and corruption should be avoided to allow for true and noble increase economically. Don’t pay for fast food mcdonalds menu and expect gourmet three course meals.

9.** Professionally – our vision in this year and throughout this decade should be to continue to work hard and work smart in the hopes that others will do the same for our dreams and aspirations when the tables have turned around in our favors. I’ve recently learned to treat others business like my business so that when its my turn to be a business owner, others will do the same for mine.

10.** Technologically – our vision in this year and throughout this decade should be to use whatever technological advancements there are to our advantage in legally achieving our dreams. It actually took me a long time to figure out that people could use Instagram to help put their business

So, drumroll pls, LinP|RinP’s Vision statement for the future is to bring practical solutions to individuals who want to make a positive change through living a life of ultimate and divine peace.

Thank you very much for watching this episode. God willing, we are on this earth for an average of 75-80yrs.

Let’s not waste any of that precious time on matters that don’t help us positively in some way.

You have a decision to make, if not now, maybe later, the ball of your vision is in your court today

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