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It’s 2020 January’s first MKUP episode or the Must Keep Up Peace section of my channel where I talk about little stories that can inspire you to live a peaceful life in this chaotic world while I apply my makeup. Episodes from this section will also drop monthly so Watch out for February’s episode, who knows what story of mine will inspire you to change yours for the better. This one is about the time I was called a witch.

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That time I was called a witch, I think I should’ve just packed my bags and accepted that notion and nurtured that notion and made that notion my life. They called me a witch so I can’t move on with my life.

Is there a name you have been called that is not yours and how did you overcome that situation, so that we can learn from you?

The videos in this section are about makeup but not entirely, however, the story behind the look is something to definitely listen to. Ok, todays story will start with a dream I dreamt when I was back home in Nigeria. At the age between 9 and 14, I can’t remember exactly when or pinpoint a date when this dream happened, but I remember that I dreamt that I was physically flying in front of my house, you know, arms wide looking down on the house I lived in, flying above a tree that stood in front of my house and I remember being so excited when I woke up because I remembered the dream. I’m sure you can relate how frustrating it can be, if you’ve had that really nice dream and when you wake up, you try so hard just to remember a little part of it but you’ve forgotten it so you can understand how I felt when I remembered my flying experience when I woke up from my dream. The fact that I could be as high up in the sky was fascinating to me and I thought it would be to my guardians as well. My parents had travelled out of the country then so I couldn’t tell my parents of this dream I had just dreamt. Well, I wish this could’ve been one of the dreams you have and forget as soon as you woke up, because what happened after this dream became drama of the highest order for a budding teenager.

I was so excited like I said and told my guardians immediately of my innocent dream, as I had thought of it back then.  and Unfortunately this dream was taken as a threat by the adults, I guess they couldn’t understand why I had had that dream and had to blame something. Well, the next thing close to people flying with religion as motive was that I could be a witch. I had to be a witch, in fact, Lara, you’re a witch. Meanwhile, being called a witch in Nigeria is really really bad, because its not the good witch in Wizard of Oz they’re referring to, it’s the green witch, the one that hurts people, the one that can do horrible things, that who I was compared to or labeled as. I honestly don’t remember a lot of the details, they’re stored way way deep in my unconscious and I really don’t think about it, But I decided, someone who’s listening to this right now might learn a little something.

A lot of things happened afterwards, I mean after the dream like 1. an elder from the church came to speak with me to check maybe I was a witch, Lara, have you been going to witch meetings, in my mind I was most likely singing or not really paying attention, that’s why I don’t remember much 2. The elder then prayed for me 3. I cant remember if this got to school, but I remember the proprietress made a comment one day that kind of confused me, that will another story for another day, stay tuned. 3. I wrote a crazy letter afterwards to kind of cope with what I was going through, and I think I might have said I wanted to run away or maybe I might’ve said some horrible things about my guardians, honestly, I don’t remember the whole thing anymore, this was a long time ago and my guardian found it, oh my goodness, I wanted to die because that became drama number 2. I was dealing with a lot of stress already and the fact that my parents weren’t there made matters worse, I wasn’t sure if my parents would’ve thought I was a witch if I had told them about the dream. Lara’s solution, keep your dreams to yourself, you don’t know who’s going to misunderstand them, don’t talk too much about what you’ve dreamt. Look at the story of Joseph in the bible.

Fast forward to today, I still haven’t gone to any witches meeting. Have I dreamt of flying again? Many many times, But the lesson of this little story is that people will call you names that are not yours because they don’t know you. People will try to bring you down, intentionally and unintentionally, be mentally string and always remind yourself of who you are. I tell my kids today, if you do stupid things and someone calls you stupid, who’s to blame? I tell them to make good and wise choices and I praise them when they do. Mummy, Jayjay called me foolish, and then I ask him, are you foolish?  He’ll say no, so tell Jayjay you’re not foolish either and remember to not make foolish choices. Under the umbrella of living a peaceful life, The first lesson was to forgive. I forgave my guardians and realize that this was a situation they didn’t understand and they felt they were doing the best for me at the time. Even though the dream about flying could’ve had so many different meanings. 1. it could’ve been my way of understanding how I would fly to America to meet my parents. 2. It could’ve meant my subconscious acting out superman, even though I don’t remember ever watching the movie back home, I think did, with Christopher Reeves. 3. Maybe I felt like flying out of my situations then, literarily,

The second lesson was to be careful about what we say to little children, they can internalize those pronouncements and try to understand life on their own, with their tiny, inexperience brain. Like I always say, just because I’m making a video about this doesn’t mean, I’m not learning, I am so learning from this myself. Lastly you could do 100 positive things for others and when you do something negative, which one will they remember the most? Exactly, look at King Nah on Instagram, his dad bombarded his head with positive thinking and look at him today. So guess what I’ll be doing too with my kids, its hard and then simple at the same time.

Thank you very much for watching this episode. God willing, we are on this earth for an average of 75-80yrs. Let’s not waste any of that precious time on matters that don’t help us positively in some way. You have a decision to make, if not now, maybe later, the ball of encouraging others is in your court today. Ask questions if you have any, don’t hesitate to leave a comment as well. Like this video by giving it a thumbs up so that I can make more of them. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @Laraddiji

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