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Thank you for clicking. Eshe O. It’s Laradiji once again, I’m all about living a peaceful life, and I love talking about situations we might find ourselves in that need peaceful endings. It’s September’s episode of Laughter is The Best Medicine or the L.T.B.M section of my channel and in this section, I usually attempt to make you laugh under the umbrella of Living a peaceful life. So in this post, I’ll be talking about an important issue regarding how our names are viewed and how Google needs to help us Africans become legit on Microsoft to be exact. Also, Watch out for next month’s episode on a little education and a how-to on pronouncing Nigerian names.

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I was getting ready for one of my episodes one day and as I was typing up what to say like I’ve always done before, I realized that as I typed up my name, it got redlined. I’m sure this is not new for you guys and myself as well, so naturally, I went back and thought that maybe and really maybe my name was spelled wrong, nope, spelling was right, so why would Microsoft say my name was spelled wrong. I’ve been experiencing this issue silently ever since I came into this country to continue my high school education and beyond, how could I get it off? Some computers give you options to ignore it or ask you to add it to your dictionary. Has this ever happened to you especially if you don’t’ have an English name?

Our languages are so special, where we come from is very unique and that says the same to our names and the way we pronounce them. It’s also very special. Our names when called right speak to our soul whether consciously or unconsciously in the sense that we feel very weird and we feel very different when someone calls our name in a different manner or tone. But why is it that Microsoft only recognizes famous people. You don’t see any red lines for McDonald’s, Thomas Jefferson, so why should my own beautiful and unique name Omolara be redlined? I think we need Africans to wake up and let’s make our name official as well, do you think it’s possible you guys?

This is something I feel Microsoft should look into, if my name has been used to register for the software, shouldn’t that name be included into the software as correct and not tell me, a whole me, maybe I meant to type Molar or Molars or Mollura, it’s not even close, whatever that means. My name is awesome, and I’m sure your is too. This is the basic way we can identify each other. Type your name on Microsoft and let us know in the comment section what options you were given other than your name.

The way we can Live in peace with this situation is if we’re recognized as individuals first and how do we recognize ourselves as individuals? By our names. If you don’t get anything right about me as a person, what I like and what I don’t like, what makes me happy, what makes me sad, pls and pretty pls, I beg of you at least, get my name right. Same goes for living in general, if you’re already used to categorizing a set of people, a group of people, always remember that your encounter with one person can change your mind for good or bad, so always give people a chance to change your mind for good, even if their group or set has changed your mind for the worst.

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