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Thank you, Thank you for clicking. Eshe Eshe O. It’s Laradiji once again, I’m all about living a peaceful life, and I love talking about situations we might find ourselves in that need peaceful endings. It’s September’s episode of Living in Fast Express or the L.I.F.E section of my channel and in this section, I usually talk about issues that are on the news or issues that have sparked a response from me under the umbrella of Living a peaceful life. So today in this video, I’ll be talking about how we can change our mindsets on the topic of marriage, relationships, partnerships, and coupleships, because this institution-ship is taking on water and sinking slowly. Watch out for October’s episode on, I’ll break down the issues we have as a nation and how we can solve them in LinP|RinP fashion.

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First of all, I want to thank my husband, my best friend, my partner in love, my padi for supporting my YouTube channel, he works behind the scenes literarily, making sure I have the best footage for my videos and he also helps me bring my vision to life. I have learned a lot from him and we are both learning as we go along in this LinP|RinP journey.

So let’s talk, I feel like there’s a lot of negative forces or maybe I’ll use negative energy that is working overtime on disrupting marriages and if we’re unaware, these partnerships and marriages will just keep on crumbling and dying out slowly. As we all know, marriages give birth to future generations, if marriages are failing now, that leads to an incomplete nuclear family unit, leading to broken homes, and eventually broken communities and societies will ensue.

I’ve compared a relationship to a ship before and I’ve decided in this video that I’d like to compare marriages to vehicles because we most likely have been in one or driven one before, and we know some basic parts of a vehicle that makes it all work together and drives us from one place to another. I feel like the generation of today wants to buy a car without learning about the vehicle and what it takes to care for it and I also feel like they want to drive a car but ignore the health of the vehicle’s engine or they’ll want to drive a car without having the proper car parts, so today, I’ll be talking about 20 parts of a vehicle and how it relates to marriage. I’m sure you can pick a car part and relate it to a marriage in many different ways but this is how I’ve broken mine down.

  1. Honesty in a marriage is like the accelerator of a vehicle. If both parties are honest in a relationship, and in a marriage for that matter, that can push that marriage forward, it can also accelerate the love in that relationship. Now if you started a relationship that led to marriage but it was based on lies, do you see how the acceleration of that marriage will not go far?
  2. Peace in a marriage is like the brake of a vehicle. It can put a stop to many things in a marriage, to quarrels, arguments, disagreements, disputes, and discords. They will come regardless but when you press the brake of this vehicle, it has to stop. Just like in a marriage, when you let peace reign, so many things are avoided. If a partner turns out to be a troublesome person and is always looking forward to the next argument, or the next disagreement and loves it when you all fight, my friend, retrace your steps fast before you enter into a life or death situation like marriage, I lie?
  3. Respect in a marriage is like the bonnet of a vehicle. It is the part of the car that covers the engine. When you respect God, you respect yourself, when you respect yourself, you’ll respect your spouse and ultimately, your relationship and your marriage. Your respect covers the important parts of your marriage.
  4. Time alone in a marriage is like the booth of a vehicle. The booth contains tools, things and stuff you might use sometimes, it keeps things you might need for emergencies. Well, in a marriage, sometimes you need time alone and Ill say it should be encouraged, it’s not all the time you’ll do couples and family, sometimes you need time alone and away from each other to reconnect with yourself.
  5. Teamwork in a marriage might be an understatement. The dashboard gives you a lot of information about a vehicle, you have the speedometer, odometer, tachometer, oil gauge, fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge and many more. Teamwork should be based on reading these levels in a relationship, if you’re low on gas, you get more, if a partner is low in patience perseverance and others, you go get more. Ask your partner how you’re each doing towards the common goal of your relationship, you’ll be surprised at the answers you’ll get. . It is very important to know how much of a marriage quality you have so that you can work on yourself getting more of what you lack.
  6. Trust in a relationship is the door handle of a vehicle because it opens the door of understanding in the relationship. If you trust your partner, you’ll be able to understand him or her in some issues otherwise, there will be problems. When the door of a vehicle has been bashed in an accident, it is not easy to open that door until it has been fixed? think about that. In an infidelity situation, that’s the accident, that trust has been bashed in and messed up, and it’ll take a lot of forgiveness and prayer to trust again, if not in that same relationship, even in any other relationship for that matter. So treat your door handle with care.
  7. Understanding represents the door itself of a vehicle, it comes in different shapes and sizes in different cars. There are four doors in a car, in a marriage, it means, you can never have too much of understanding, it brings about patience and perseverance and renewed commitment. If you’re understanding, it’ll make it easier for you to be empathetic and put yourself in your partner’s shoes in some situations.
  8. God in a relationship is as an engine to a vehicle. I think it’s safe to say that the engine is the most expensive part of most vehicles. Without the engine, there is no vehicle, the engine makes the vehicle. So, therefore, without God in our relationships, it is safe to say that that relationship will struggle. Without God, there might not be a relationship, and there might not be a marriage because God himself is love, without love, there is no relationship, no partnership. When you have God, He helps to perfect your relationship, now you can have a marriage without God being the foundation and you’ll let me know in the comment section how that’s turning out for you.
  9. Faith and holy spirit can be likened to the engine oil of a vehicle, it helps to keep the engine going. It helps to keep. Your marriage going in love. Your faith in. God coupled with the guidance of the Holy Spirit helps keep your marriage going in the direction you and your partner have decided to go together.
  10. Selflessness to marriage is as floor mats to a vehicle. Floor mats get insulted a lot, they gather dirt, they pick up dust, they get rained on and most importantly gets stepped on but they help to prevent the vehicle from getting too messy. Selflessness in a marriage or a relationship requires that you put your partner first and that your partner does the same for and at the end of the day, you’re both caring for each other and looking out for each other while preventing the garbage from entering your marriage.
  11. Perseverance is an important trait of marriage as gas is to a vehicle, I mean, when you’re saying your vows, for better for worse, in sickness and in health, all that sums up is perseverance because it is with this quality will you survive the years of being married. Perseverance is like gas to a vehicle, you always have to fill it up before you run out, you can never have too much of perseverance.
  12. Communication is like the gear in a vehicle, it can put a marriage in a drive mode, reverse or in a standstill. It is also very important in a relationship and marriage that both parties talk about their feelings, their expectations of each other, and their collective goals. This helps to drive the partnership to the desired destination because if there’s no communication in a relationship, how would you know if you’re lacking in any area of your marriage?
  13. Commitment in a marriage is as the glove compartment to a vehicle. The contents of a glove compartment cannot be seen unless the doors are opened. Your commitment to a relationship is not something that’s seen but only through your actions. If you’re committed in a relationship, in a marriage to be exact, you would participate in planned activities, you would sacrifice your time, your effort and energy to make sure your marriage stays afloat.
  14. Prayer in a marriage is likened to the mirrors of a vehicle, they let you see what aren’t there, not in a weird way you guys. Prayers let you see what you wouldn’t see ordinarily, it can help you see the past and the future in dreams, it can guide you in the present and ultimately help you in your blind spots just like when you’re driving. Like I said earlier, if you’re in a Godly relationship, then prayers will help you in your marriage quest and otherwise, please let’s know in the comment section how that’s turning out for you.
  15. Patience is very much needed in a relationship just as seats are essential. Can there be a car without seats? Can there be a marriage without patience?  Love brings two people together even to the point of a marriage and as we all know, love is patient, love is kind. If your love is patient and kind, your marriage will be rosy. There’s a lot of issues that occur in marriages and if you invite patience into your life, you will scale through all those minor issues.
  16. Forgiveness is the silencer in a marriage, the silencer carries out the engine’s waste product of the car and in a marriage, forgiveness helps to get rid of toxic communication, toxic attitudes, toxic behaviors, and toxic actions. For instance, if a partner in a relationship didn’t do something they promised they were going to do and you knew your partner would be upset, asking for forgiveness immediately helps to quell the situation and prevent it from escalating into something bigger.  For instance, my husband uses hot water from our electric water heater but he doesn’t put the water part back and that gets me upset so he asked for forgiveness one day before I could even finish my sentence and I forgave him.
  17. Love in a marriage is as the steering wheel is to a vehicle, it steers marriages. When there’s love, the steering wheel of marriage will wheel you to a nice destination and when there’s no more love in a relationship, the marriage might be wheeled off a bridge or cliff. Be careful how you love, cause you don’t want to end up in a dead zone, dead wood or worse, a dead end. In a vehicle with a working steering wheel, there’s no problem right? However, a vehicle without one will be going nowhere right? Same also goes for a marriage with love, there’s usually peace of mind in that marriage where there’s love, but in a loveless marriage, there’s no peace, the partner is always on their feet, peeking at who the other partner is talking to, where they’re going and who they’re seeing and the children are peeking at who will leave the house angry first and many more, please let us take care of the steering wheel of our marriage vehicles.
  18. Humor is very important in a marriage and it can be compared to the tires of a vehicle. Without humor, marriage might not be able to move from one point to another. There’s no problem in a marriage that humor cannot solve. Humor leads to laughter and that helps to a) ease the mind, b) helps us cope with difficult situations, and c) it can help in solving conflicts.
  19. Support is another need in every marriage. Part of the reason two people come together is so that they can achieve more and do more together. Even the bible talks about one chasing 1000 while 2 can chase 10000. In a vehicle, is it possible to change a tire without the necessary tools? That’s how it is in a marriage if we’re to chase 10000, then we’ll need each other’s support, we’ll need other to lean on, and each other to learn from and support each other. I feel like my husband doesn’t support me in my weight loss journey because he buys bread for the kids all the time, he tells me not to eat it though. So support is as tools are to a vehicle
  20. Humility is a very important marriage quality to have. If you can’t tell already, a lot of these qualities I’ve spoken about lean somewhat on each other to affect the marriage. If a partner is humble in a marriage, they most likely will be committed, understanding, patient, affectionate, patient, forgive more, and ultimately be respectful which results in love and increase of love in a marriage.
  21. Bonus point. Affection is defined as a gentle feeling of fondness or liking, and the sense of mostly touch can be used to achieve this. Now, when comparing a vehicle to marriage, the wipers can be compared to affection,  what do they do, they wipe off rain, snow, ice, and dust from the windshield.

Marriages cannot be leased, you can’t use a vehicle, mess it up, and then say, you want to get a new car, no. Unfortunately, the outlook on marriage is now very wrong to the point that, you haven’t even used that car for one month you already have gotten in an accident, and now want a new one, I hope you understand my analogy. Marriage means you will take care of that car and it will last you your lifetime. You see those vehicles in Fast and Furious, Camaros I think, you see those drivers, they’re always working on their cars themselves, they know their vehicles and they work on them until they’re perfect to their taste, that’s how marriages should be, if something is wrong in it, you fix it and if it might need expert care, then you take it in to be checked out and professionally fixed, you don’t just impound it on the slightest weird noise it makes, right? Please, we can’t even begin to compare marriage to anything, but I hope all I’ve said has given you a different perspective on the topic of marriage.

One thing I didn’t get to mention and compare marriage to is that of the windshield or windscreen. What does that compare to a marriage or relationship for you? Please let me know in the comment section so that I can give you a shout out in the next Living In Fast Express L.I.F.E episode. Ask questions if you have any, I’d love to read from you awesome people, and I hope I have inspired you to continue to check the oil gauge of your marriage and also to keep renewing your license as needed, while updating your inspection and registration of your marriage vehicle, so you don’t get a ticket by your spouse.

Some people will tell you, marriage is not for them, maybe they lack some of the qualities I talked about or maybe they had bad experiences, or maybe they’re afraid, everyone has their reasons, make sure you think about these qualities deeply, if you lack any, then work on yourself first and you’ll never know who’s ready to spend their lives with you. I personally gave up on love some time ago and I decided I would rather be alone forever until I met my husband and he showed me what patience and perseverance is, this is our 10th yr together, 6yrs married, hopefully, this message gets to the appropriate person at the appropriate time and may all our marriages take us to a good destination In Jesus name.

Thank you very much for watching this episode. Let’s stop giving ourselves high blood pressure for no reason as we live our lives. God willing, we are on this earth for an average of 75-80yrs. Let’s not waste any of that precious time on matters that don’t help us positively in some way. You have a decision to make, if not now, maybe later, the ball of your marriage is in your court.  Like this video by giving it a thumbs up so that I can make more of them and you can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook @Laraddiji and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss the many more sizzling topics to come, pls hover on the red hearts on the right lower corner to subscribe, its free and make sure your notification bell is activated. Please, let’s love our neighbors as ourselves and remember, to Rest.In.Peace, we all need to be Living.In.Peace. Stay blessed

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