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     Hello you guys, and welcome to my channel, I’m forever and always Laraddiji, it’s the Living in Peace section of my channel which is the main section of this channel. Let’s see, have you ever had a dream to be somebody, or to do something for someone, or to study a particular course, or to go a particular way, or to buy a particular item, or to even be yourself and then you ditch that dream because of one reason or the other? Well, today, as stated in the title, we’ll be talking about those reasons we give power, to change our minds from something we might have been destined to accomplish. Myself for instance, I used to do these graph paper designs, I didn’t know what to do with them, I still don’t know what to do with them. So, what did I tell myself? I’m not going to waste my time on them anymore, it’s not doing anything for me.

I was inspired to talk about this topic when my husband and I were talking about how important it is to study and really know our kids. From watching our kids grow up, its important to listen to what their teachers say about them, because there are clues to what can shape their lives in the future from what they say from their tender age.  What are dream busters and destiny killers? This happens when we haven’t truly listened to our constituents and we force agendas on them, the dream they haven’t dared to dream and destinies they haven’t dared to birth therefore goes to ash before their realized.

Economy & Community

      This is the fifth reason I’ll give that kills and busts dreams. Why? Where you are can be a very big problem to your dream. Your community and the economy of your community at a small scale, and the economy of your country on a larger scale can be a dream buster and dream killer. I say this because, if you aren’t in a place where some opportunities are available to you, unfortunately your dream and aspirations might not be achievable. This is part of the reasons many people leave a country that isn’t benefiting them to others that are. There are a lot of countries that fall into this category and to fix this issue might be easier said than done, and will definitely take a lot of time to achieve. In the meantime, What can we do? How can we fight back? You can …

— Migrate — Toughen it out — and Don’t give up

Lack of immediate success

     Some people think, once they’ve given their dreams a shot, and it isn’t working out, then that’s it. Some think that after their first try, or after putting themselves out there being vulnerable and all and things don’t work for them, that its time to throw in the towel, that’s actually far from the case. In the words of some famous people, if at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again and also “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas Edison said that. A lot of us give up too soon, that’s why I tell myself when I’m getting tired of something, or when my mind is saying, just give up now, that’s when I actually have to put in my best and that reminds me that I’m almost close to my breakthrough. Anytime I’m not getting results immediately, I keep seeing myself as that miner digging for gold, not thinking but knowing that the next strike of my axe might be my breakthrough, so… — Be more patient — Be consistent — and Don’t give up.

Leaders & Teachers

     You would think people in positions of power will use it for the people with great responsibility but it turns out that the number of bad eggs we have in politics, in education, in public protection agencies and even in religion, are at an all time high and those that do good are now the minority. These people can be dream busters and killers in the sense that the majority of the public under these authorities trust the information coming from those people and therefore feel they don’t need to educate themselves otherwise or verify the information coming from those set of people and because of that they put themselves in a lot of trouble. Beware of people that promise success without hard-work because it’s a scam, isn’t it? Who wakes up one day and find lots of money in their bank without working for it, even scammers and thieves work relentlessly to make their money so why won’t you? If you see genuine successful people today, its because they’ve put in the work when we didn’t know them. My friend, don’t let authority fool you, don’t waste your precious time…  — educate yourself — verify information — make wise decisions accordingly and Don’t give up.

Family & Friends

     In a real world, the feedback you get from your family, meaning your parents and immediate family members are supposed to be the closest to you ever, the closest to your heart because these people are supposed to know you inside and out, they’re supposed to support you no matter what. The information you get as advice from them are supposed to be undisputable because let’s face it, no family member should ever want your downfall but trust me, in real life, not everyone in your family circle will understand you and truly know your ambitions and your dreams and your goals except you, even your parents. There are basic things your parents will make sure you achieve, your basic education for instance and from them on, you should be able to make it on your own. Now, your family and friends can be dream killers and busters if they don’t know you, know what makes you tick, if they don’t know what you yourself want to do with your life. and then try to force their own agendas on you. — Have a goal, a purpose and focus — Believe and pray on your own — Ignore in love and don’t give up.

You & your thoughts & your body

      I don’t think anyone knowingly wakes up one day to say, alright, I’m going to be a failure today or maybe say to themselves, I’m going to just mess up my life so bad today by making some real dumb choices. But do you know how you can kill your dreams? By not trusting yourself, by not being confident of yourself enough, by thinking for other people, by making bad choices you think are little or will not have an impact in your life, by belittling your efforts, by not taking risks, by limiting yourself, by scolding yourself and beating yourself up, by allowing your thoughts to overpower your actions, by letting others actions and others opinions drive you, by thinking negative thoughts, by not using your talents and ultimately by not trusting God’s work in your life. So what can we do to overcome this? To overcome ourselves from being barriers to our destinies? We need to do the opposite of all I’ve said. Trust yourself, be confident of yourself, don’t think for other people, make good small choices, don’t belittle your efforts, praise yourself for little achievements, take meaningful risks, don’t limit yourself, don’t scold or beat yourself up too much for making a mistake, let your actions speak louder than your thoughts and words, let others words and opinions have little effect on your dream drive, not all critics are right, think positive thoughts, use your talents after you figure out what it is, and ultimately Trust God in all you do. And these important three.

     — Dream yourself to do it: I’ve learnt that If you can dream it, you can definitely make your dreams come true. If you visualize or see yourself where you want to be in the next 5-10 years, you can surely work your way to making your dreams come true. Now, if you can’t see yourself winning a race, whatever that might be to you, either physically, mentally, academically, spiritually or financially, do you think you will enter into that competition, or take the steps required to get to the finish line? Think about that.

     — Scare yourself to do it: some people are motivated under stress, you know that fight or flight response, you can get a rush from it, sometimes I put things to last minute, the procrastinator in me and then I rush myself to do stuff before deadlines. If you care about your dream, give yourself a deadline, make it a hard one too and then show up and get it done. It might be hard to do presently and you might only get 3-4 hrs of sleep for a while but at least when you’re reaping the benefits later, you will remember your sacrifice because you didn’t from it.

     — Dare yourself to do it: your thoughts will tell you can’t do it, your body will tell you you’re too fat for this, you’re too ugly for this, you’re too skinny for this, you’re too this and too that, but dare yourself to do what you want to do  as long as you’re not burning down a gas station or making decisions to hurt yourself or others. Dare yourself to write that proposal, dare yourself to lose the weight, dare yourself to go back to school, dare yourself to mend that relationship, dare yourself to compete, to win, to love and ultimately to live.

Thank you very much for staying with me till this part of the video. Living in Peace is the main section of my channel so do check out the other sections.  I’m a lover of peace and I love talking about situations we might find ourselves in that need peaceful endings. Let’s stop giving ourselves high blood pressure for no reason as we live our lives. God willing, we are on this earth for an average of 75-80yrs. Let’s not waste any of that precious time on matters that don’t help us positively in some way. You have a decision to make, if not now, maybe later, the ball of your dream and destiny is in your court, kick it and play it. Ask questions if you have any, don’t hesitate to leave a comment as well. Like this video by giving it a thumbs up so that I can continue to make more of them and also you can follow me on Instagram @Laraddiji and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss the many more sizzling topics to come, hover on the red hearts on the right lower corner and subscribe, why wait, its free and make sure your notification bell is activated. Please, let’s love our neighbors as ourselves and remember, to Rest.In.Peace, we all need to be Living.In.Peace, Stay blessed. You’ll see me in my next one. Bye bye.

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