INOY ::It’s Not Over Yet::

April was very special to me in the sense that a new life joined our family this month, and I also want to use this medium to pray for everyone looking for the fruit of the womb, I have the belief that God has heard your cries and your prayers IJN. This vlog was all about the end of my pregnancy, the beginning of a new season, the birth of our baby and his first days on earth.

I’m so so glad I recorded a little bit of my experience with the birth of my son and sharing with you guys to inspire you to record your experiences as well. I did nothing of the sort for my other kids so hopefully I’ll look back on this or my kid will look back and God willing, I will not have any ounce of regret. IJN. Regret has been on my mind lately, Whatever you want to do in a reasonable fashion that can inspire someone else in a positive light, do it. 
Don’t let anything or anyone discourage you or change your mind against it. For instance, you want to go to a school, then apply, don’t let anyone’s negative experience about schooling change your mind. Listen to advice but definitely use your judgment and weigh your options before you make your decisions.

My goal is to inspire you to make better/positive decisions about living life and helping our fellow neighbors one at a time. It’s Laraddiji here, finding my sweet place in the world, spreading good old love because it conquers all. There’s too much chaos in the world so there’ll be none in this corner. It’s all about Peaceful Living in general. With occasional Cooking, Driving Adventures. Hair tutorials. Crafts. Make-up. Raising fraternal twins and their siblings and many more.

This vlog is for educational purposes only. The information posted here might not benefit you. However, if you’re that one person who this information agrees with or speaks to, then ultimately subscribe and share with others if you’ve been inspired in one way or the other. Our time here on earth is limited in years and peaceful living is paramount to receiving favor & uncommon rewards. Let’s spend it Living.In.Peace so that we can Rest.In.Peace.

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