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Welcome to Laraddiji, its April’s SOFT episode, School of Fraternal Twins section of my channel where I talk about the twins and their health and development, their attitudes and behaviors, their schooling, and playtime. As you might know already, they just got a new brother in April and so far, they’ve been accommodating, this is not their first time anyway. In regards to their new brother, my hospital stay wasn’t bad at all. I had contractions all night early one Friday morning at 36 weeks and 6 days, I had convinced myself to have my shower that morning through multiple contractions, and then I put on a very comfortable and non-constricting dress. I learnt from the previous one, I was wearing tight pants and I almost passed out from lack of circulation. But that aside, like every new mom, for my first pregnancy, I had printed out a list of things to bring to the hospital and I had a suitcase full of stuff, you would think I was going away out of state on the maternity floor. So this video, like the title states is about what I didn’t pack for my last pregnancy hospital stay, I’ll use this list as a guide to what I took to the hospital and what I left home.

Let’s start with what I didn’t pack for my hospital stay. The first was a coming home outfit, why? to make more space for other stuff in my bag. The dress I wore to the hospital became my going home outfit, as soon as I got to the hospital, I was placed in a hospital gown, I know this from the previous two pregnancies, so I thought why pack another outfit. Another item I didn’t pack with me was a birth plan, they tell you to make a birth plan, for my first pregnancy with twins, I had one prepared, it was so long, I printed it from the internet, filled it out with what I wanted and what I didn’t, during the birth of my babies, I’m telling you, that paper was a total waste of time, nobody looked at it, nobody asked for it, I don’t think anybody cares for your plan. Every birth is different and it is rarely perfect. Why do it if it’s not going to be honored. I just talked to my doctor and remind her what I didn’t want to be done during the birth of my child, episiotomy was a big no no for me, thank God everything went well with my pregnancies, some women aren’t that lucky. Another thing I didn’t pack for the hospital was a battery pack and earphones for my cell phone, I had one, I just forgot to put it in my bag so I was stuck using my regular charger which meant, I had to be connected to the wall and with no earphones, no music and that was very frustrating for me.

One other thing I forgot to do or maybe I should say I didn’t get to do was my hair, for my first two pregnancies, my hair was done at a decent time, early enough and I was more put together, for some reason, I really wasn’t ready for this baby in terms of getting myself ready even though I was already  tired of being pregnant right? The reason for this is because I was constantly thinking of the children and how we would manage them while I was still in the hospital. So anyways, I had to fix my hair up  myself, guess what, I forgot hair scrunchies, which just makes the process a little bit challenging. So if you need to do your hair a couple of weeks before you’ll deliver, do so, so you won’t get distracted from baby when he or she comes and also you wouldn’t want hair in your baby’s face if its not packed up nice. otherwise, make sure you have a hair net, or scrunchies to put your hair at bay. The last time I was in the hospital for the birth of my second son, I had brought towels, toiletries, makeup, and the whole works and then I realized  room I was in didn’t have a shower but I didn’t even really care to use them, all I wanted to do was eat, sleep and see my baby. So this time around, I didn’t bring my gigantic towel, just wash cloths and even if you don’t bring your personal ones, they have disposable washcloths. I also totally forgot to bring nursing bras, and bra pads, my milk didn’t come in the whole time I was in the hospital, so you might get away with not packing those either however, if you do have them, pack them in your hospital bag.

Other items on the list I had printed from the internet included lip balm, I didn’t pack lip balm, how could I have forgotten that? My lips were so chapped the first night, it was so uncomfortable, see how little things can have huge impact on your comfortability? Another item was that of a pillow, some women bring their pillows according to the list I had printed off the internet, I didn’t, I just reminded myself that the hospital is not a place I want to be in for a long time, no reason to get too comfortable. The list talked about snacks, drinks, and change for vending machines, my mom brought food even though I told her not to, the hospital food I had wasn’t bad believe it or not,, this was the third time around so I knew what to expect, I drank lots of juice and passed time with ice chips. One thing I will say is this, I don’t know why Pampers is the hospital’s chosen brand, but Huggies is my favorite, guess I was gifted home with, lots of pampers diaper. I didn’t complain, I did use them but I couldn’t wait to use my huggies and kirkland diaper brand, no peepee leaks and the fit is just awesome even on a 6lb baby.

Now let’s talk about what I did pack for my hospital stay. I had prayed and had faith that everything would be alright and that I wouldn’t stay for more than two nights in the hospital, right, so for myself, I packed Underwear, Pajamas, flipflops, Perfume, Lotion, Toothbrush/toothpaste, and Always overnight Sanitary pads and I had my camera for my monthly vlogging. What I packed for my baby was his coming home outfit, what I realized with my third go around was that the hats and baby onesies they have in the hospital are rubbish so definitely bring your own at least 3-5 daily outfits for baby. Depending on the season, please dress your baby accordingly, if its cold, bring sweater or jacket for newborns for your going home. And if its during the summer, don’t dress baby like it’s the winter season. I asked the kids 5 questions about bringing baby home. Here’s their answers. Where did baby come from? What does baby Demi eat? Do you help mummy with diaper changes? Can baby play with you yet? Do you love your baby brother? Will you like to have another sister?

Thank you very much for staying with me till this part of the video. Living in Peace is the main section of my channel so do check out the other sections.  I’m a lover of peace and I love talking about situations we might find ourselves in that need peaceful endings. Let’s stop giving ourselves high blood pressure for no reason as we live our lives. God willing, we are on this earth for an average of 75-80yrs. Let’s not waste any of that precious time on matters that don’t help us positively in some way. You have a decision to make, if not now, maybe later, the ball of empathy is in your court. Ask questions if you have any, don’t hesitate to leave a comment as well. Like this video by giving it a thumbs up so that I can make more of them and also you can follow me on Instagram @Laraddiji and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss the many more sizzling topics to come, its free. Please, let’s love our neighbors as ourselves and remember, to Rest.In.Peace, we all need to be Living.In.Peace, Stay blessed.

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