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I’ll be talking about the recent Measles outbreak that we’ve all been hearing about on our TVs. I’m an advocate for immunizations and I know some percentage of people are against it because of some of the possibilities of having negative reactions and sometimes death and I understand your concerns, however, your decisions to not immunize not only jeopardizes your safety and that of your children but the entire population. Today, we’ll get reintroduced to two of these diseases that immunizing our kids and ourselves against is of utmost importance. Welcome to Laraddiji, if you’re new to this channel, you’re most especially welcome (bow) If you’re already subscribed to Laraddiji, you are humbly welcome back to my channel. This is Living In Fast Express L.I.F.E where I talk about issues that are on the news that has sparked a response from me. Sometimes, we feel like we are too busy to take care of ourselves, to eat the right foods, to take the right drugs, to do the right activities and the same goes for getting our immunizations up to date. I tell my patients all the time, making the choice to come to the hospital was the right one for that chest or belly pain they’re experiencing, that swelling in their legs that’s getting worse, even though they might have their laptops and their books and all but at the same time, your health is number one, not your job, not your boss, and definitely not your bills, a living person that’s not sick can pay bills.

Now that I have a newborn in the house, its been war against disease, the twins are in pre-k and who knows what germs they’re bringing home on a daily basis, between both of them alone, they’re exposed to more than 40 other kids, and who knows their immunization practices, one kid coughs in school and their little brother at home gets it, who is only 16 months old by the way, still building up his immunity. At this point, if kid #1 doesn’t sneeze on baby, kid #2 will cough on him, if #2 doesn’t cough on him, #3 will touch him with his snotty hands and if #3 doesn’t miraculously inoculate baby with his tiny hands, mummy will surely feed it to him because everybody comes to mummy with their problems, and where’s daddy in this equation? He just pretends in his mind that he’s still a single brother… As nurses, we’re privy to some knowledge that the public might not know about and other health care providers might not be able explain in details to parents and patients regarding the topic of immunizations. It is very important to me that my kids are protected from diseases that have caused a lot of havoc and wiped out children and adults back in the days of zero immunizations. The benefits outweigh the ramifications of not being vaccinated, so far, almost half of the country have cases of measles now and this might have started with one person who wasn’t vaccinated.

There’s a lot of contagious disease floating out there and if you’ve ever seen movies of people been quarantined from the public to prevent the spread of virus or bacteria, you wouldn’t want to be in your own movie, where you’d have to be separated from your loved ones. It’s not a fun experience. Contagious diseases that can be spread to newborns include influenza, polio, whooping cough or pertussis, tetanus, diphtheria, measles and tuberculosis. For the purpose of this video, I’ll only talk about measles and influenza. Measles – symptoms of this contagious disease include: high fever that can spike up to more than 104° F), cough, runny nose, red and watery eyes, break out of rash 3-5 days after symptoms begin. Treatment of measles is symptomatic, acetaminophen to relieve fever and muscle aches, lots of rest to help boost your immune system, drink lots of fluids, use of humidifier to ease cough and sore throat. Complications of this disease include: ear infections, bronchitis, decrease in blood platelets, blindness, severe diarrhea. The risk of complications is higher in children because they have a weak immune system and from what I researched, you cannot get measles more than once, after you’ve had the virus or through immunization, you are immune for life. Influenza – symptoms of this contagious disease include: fever, feeling feverish/chills, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches, headaches, fatigue (tiredness), Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children. Treatment of the flu can be Tamiflu, Relenza, Rapivab, or Xofluza. Complications of this disease in children include: viral or bacterial pneumonia, dehydration, ear and sinus infections.

The name of this game is wash wash wash and wash your hands again and again and again. Ask your providers questions, and if you are opportune before your appointments, do a basic research on your issues with immunizations. Educated yourself on its benefits, and precautions. I talk a lot about time and how we don’t control it and we don’t have much of it, before you know it, its 2020 and another year has gone by just like that but one day at a time. Our health is of utmost importance, pls take care very good care of yourself every minute you can. There’s worldly peace and then there’s divine peace, that comes from our maker, that makes you walk on stormy waters with ease. God is perfect and He is peace, Try to remember a time when you were in pain from the slightest discomfort, paper cut, ear ache, tummy ache, headache, did you feel at ease? Were you comfortable? Did you feel like doing your daily work? Now remember the times you’ve woken up with nothing to worry about, you moved your legs and they weren’t paralyzed, you moved your hands and they did what they were supposed to, you opened your mouth and sounds came out of it, you didn’t have a sore throat, you pooped fine, you peed with no complaints, my dear friend that’s divine peace, freedom from worries, and with a sense of contentment. You cannot be at peace and be troubled at the same time. Living a healthy life leads to living a peaceful life.

 That’s all for now you guys, thank you very much for staying with me till this part of the video. Living in Peace is the main section of my channel so do check out the other sections.  I’m a lover of peace and I love talking about situations we might find ourselves in that need peaceful endings. Let’s stop giving ourselves high blood pressure for no reason as we live our lives. God willing, we are on this earth for an average of 75-80yrs. Let’s not waste any of that precious time on matters that don’t help us positively in some way. You have a decision to make, if not now, maybe later, the ball of health is in your court. Ask questions if you have any, don’t hesitate to leave a comment as well. Hoping to read from you awesome people very soon. Like this video by giving it a thumbs up so that I can make more of them and also you can follow me on Instagram @Laraddiji and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss the many more sizzling topics to come, hover on the red hearts on the right lower corner and subscribe, why wait, its free and make sure your notification bell is activated. Please, let’s love our neighbors as ourselves and remember, to Rest.In.Peace, we all need to be Living.In.Peace, Stay blessed. You’ll see me in my next one. Bye bye.

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