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Story story, you’ll say story. Once upon a time, you’ll say “time time” Welcome to my channel once again, its Laraddiji always and forever. Its not really a story today however, its Freestyle week, and I wanted to talk about the part 2 of a video I did last year where I talked about some etiquette issues, including road rage, parking lot and discipline. I’ll link that video below in the description box below and also at the end of this one. I decided to do this one because, we’re loosing simple etiquette rukes and regulations and because I’m the public official and the self appointed peoples voice on these topics, here we go…

A. should you be too relaxed as a passenger while someone else is driving you?

Who should be tired, the driver or the passenger? I’ve had a lot of experience driving for fun and also during my mini adventures and on those  adventures I’ve learnt what to do and not do as a driver and what’s expected as a passenger because I’ve been both in many different situations.

  1. should you be sleeping when someone else is driving?

I drove a lot when I was in college when I had a toyota foreunner. My dad gave me that truck when the small car I was managing stopped working out of the blue. I drove the car to school, work and to church but I also took it on mini adventures and I remember that on those adventures, most times I would have company, within the state or out of state. On the way home, I’d be the only one still up driving in the middle of the night, no one to talk to, just a truck or sometimes with a bus filled with sleeping people. I was thinking of having a witness God forbid if anything happens but if everybody is sleeping, no one will know what happened.

2. should you be eating when someone who is driving is hungry as well? 

as a driver, you know you can’t be multitasking at the wheel, eating is one of them, so out of respect for the driver, whoever it is, I won’t eat unless we eat together, even if as a passenger I’m eating while someone is driving, I’ll feel uncomfortable knowing the other person is equally as hungry as I am, I’ll just wait or maybe stop the car at a gas station and we can all eat together.

3. should you be complaining

driving for more than 35mins is a drive, so, if there are more people in the car, adults I mean, not kids, because you know they’ll complain from the beginning to the end of the ride. Usually when I’m the one driving for more than an hr, I don’t want to hear any complaints, you’re not the one driving because driving is tiresome, and when you have complaining passengers, it makes it worse. So cheer up whenever someone is driving you and make it engaging enough for the driver to be happy to do the job but not to the point of distracting the driver, you know what I mean?

B. should you be disciplined in the way you walk in public? 

Unfortunately, America is growing backwards and we need to be talking about this, I’m ashamed at how people walk in public. There is an art to how you present yourself in public, the way we walk, the way we talk, the way our extremities move around our body and the way we comport ourselves puts an image of how people will see us as a whole. Coming from Nigeria, we were taught to dress smart and be sharp. Our movements should also match that. 

  1. Pick up your feet when you’re walking, stop dragging your feet. 

We were taught this when we were back home in Nigeria, you see, dragging your feet is likened to a lazy person, a tired person or even a jobless person.  If you’re working as a professional, take for instance, a police officer, a security officer, a nurse, a firefighter, a waiter, would you be dragging your feet, these are jobs where you need to be on their feet for an amount of time and if you are seen walking as a zombie, dragging your feet, that will not speak well of you.

2. Picture where you’re going and don’t stop till you get there 

Lets repeat that, if you think about where you’re going, before you even get out of the house, then you’ll save your  time, energy, money and your gas. Even in life in general, its good to have goals about where you want to go, where you want to be in a yr or 5 or 10 years, and when you have these goals figured out, you can map out how you want to get there. Take for instance, I want to have my bachelor degree in 4yrs, then your map would be, what major would you study, what classes do I need to take, what books do I need to buy, how will I pay for this education and so on. But without a plan, wouldn’t that be wasting your energy, your resources and ultimately your precious time which you cant get back.

3. The passageway is always wide enough.

One thing that irritates me the most, stopping in the middle of the passage or hallway to talk to your friend, its very hrude to the people behind you, park yourself to the side, just like when you’re driving, its rude to stop in the middle of the road and be talking to people while having no regard for the people coming behind you, it will be very respectful to park your car first to the side. Your invincible antenna should be picking up signals and energy from the people around you, please, let’s be proactive in the way we live our lives.

C. should you be talking on the phone at the shopping counter?

I remember when the phones were coming out, I was just starting out in college and was getting used to living here in the States, working, and balancing home life as well. When shopping back then, there were no distractions, even if there was any, it was minimal. But now, phones are everywhere, its in our  children’s hands, in adults hands, in our pockets, we are always on it but when we go out shopping, one thing we should refrain from is having the phone out when we are ordering or paying for goods, its very distracting and off-putting.

  1. phones, or headsets and ear pods

When you’re at the counter, with your earphones on, the message it conveys to everyone around you is that you’re listening to music or someone else or maybe you want to ignore talking to anybody, do you see how confusing this would seem when you’re ready to order something at the counter or even pay for your goods? Its frustrating. If I were on the opposite side of the counter and I put myself in the cashier’s shoes, I’d be very upset, I’d be very irritated that you’re not focused and ready to be done with your shopping.

2. wasting time at the counter

Now, are you the type of person that looks for their wallet at the counter or you’re the type that gets your card or money ready so as not to waste anybody’s time including your own? I’m the type of person that tries to think 2-3 steps ahead depending on the situation and I come up with different scenarios that could happen, some will say this is nuts but this is what I do sometimes. So I make sure I have my wallet and my cards or cash ready before I get to the counter to pay. One of my fears is that I’ll put some things in my cart and I’ll get to the counter and not have my wallet or money to pay, I would’ve wasted my precious time and that of others, so I make sure I don’t waste people’s time by being that person on the line.

If you’ve noticed that I talk about time a lot, you’ll realize that a peaceful living has a time component attached to it. It requires that you take action immediately in certain situations without wasting time. Our time is limited here on earth and  every minute that goes by cannot be brought or bought back. How will you spend your time?

How have you wasted your time before and how did you fix the issue, would love to hear from you my awesome listeners.

That’s all for now you guys, I’m a  lover of peace and I love talking about situations we might find ourselves in that need peaceful endings. Let’s stop giving ourselves high blood pressure for no reason as we live our lives. God willing, we are on this earth for an average of 75-80yrs. Let’s not waste any of our precious time on matters that don’t help us positively in some way.  You have a decision to make when  these matters concern you, if not now, maybe later, the etiquette ball is in your court. Thank you very much for spending your time with me, you can like this video by giving it a thumbs up so that I can make more FSTL   videos and also subscribe subscribe to get notified of newly posted videos, why wait, its free, just click the red button, don’t forget to love your neighbors as yourself and at the end of the day, let us remember that for us to RestInPeace, we all need to be LivingInPeace, Stay blessed. 

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