DQ:KM ::Don’t Quit: Keep Moving::

“Where there is no struggle, there is no strength” Oprah Win

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” Fredrick Douglass

So I decided to add another section to my blog where I’ll go over specific events that’s worth sharing in a given month. Hence, the birth of Monthly Reviews. This will be its first for the month of January. All in the name of living in peace to resting in peace. So today, I wanted to encourage someone.. And especially myself because I love talking to myself and I realized that we need encourage ourselves and we ought to be encouraged once in awhile as well to reaffirm that what we’re doing is towards a particular goal. This might not be for you right now but it could be for someone that hasn’t even heard of my channel before years down the line.

Don’t Quit : Keep Moving, in everything, we are to give thanks to God almighty, when things are going well and when things are very rough and tough, still give thanks. When your plans fall through or doesn’t, still give thanks, even when everything seems to be going haywire, still give thanks. It seems like it’s a hard and impossible thing to do, and in that time is when the impossible will happen for you. Many people have found solutions to a lot of peoples problems not when they had everything and definitely not when they had everything figured out, not even when everything was rosy rosy but actually when they themselves were broke, rejected, and depressed, when they had hit rock bottom and maybe thinking of even ending their lives. This new year gave birth to a new me like every one usually says, because something happened in this first month of the year and even though I want to shout it out from a roof top, this will be the closest for me to do just that. My husband said something important to me after the struggles ended, if things happened easily for people, people wouldn’t have any reason to give thanks and they would have no story to tell but if there was a little bit of struggle, you would have a story for the people. So I want to encourage you today, not everyone will climb that next rung of the ladder in their lives easily. Some will struggle some rungs will break, some will need fixing, some will need glue, some might need new nails, some might need a whole new ladder and unfortunately but fortunately, that is ok. Everyone’s time is different, sooooooo different.

I thank God Almighty ultimately that I have this opportunity to do this little video and hopefully it will touch someone that needs it at their right time. A very dear friend of mine happens to be someone that doesn’t like to toot his horn, because he’s very aware of others that are still struggling and he doesn’t want others to ever feel that he’s tooting his horn at the expense of others. He’s always telling me my time will come. He doesn’t want others to feel like he’s rubbing their noses in his achievements. So you know Laraddiji had to help him spread his good news for encouragement, here’s what he said, he told me he graduated four years ago with his masters degree and ever since, he had been battling with his certification exam so that he could get a job and move on with his life but  unfortunately he would take that exam more than a couple of times. This was happening the same time his family was also growing in number. In his last year of schooling, he was very distracted and couldn’t focus on his studies even though that year was just practicums only. He had focused more on other things than his school work and he paid for it in the end, he couldn’t pass his final exam, the 1st time, he failed them, the 2nd time, the same thing, the third time, he had scheduled for the easier exam according to his classmates and he failed it yet again, that was the worst he said, he cried, he felt dumb and felt so stupid, this was supposed to be the easier exam, he thought he really knew the answers that time. He broke down but he immediately picked himself up even though it really really hurt that time, that hurt he said took a year to get over.

In the food court where we sat in the mall, I could see his eyes glistening, he said fear had started to creep in from the beginning of the test he had first failed,  he had began to get scared of the test, every time he thought about it, he would take a deep breath within himself. He said he then equipped himself with some bible verses anytime he had those thoughts of doubt and fear.

Isaiah 41:10 I will not fear, for you are with me, I will not be dismayed, for you are my God. He will strengthen me and help me; He will uphold me with His righteous right hand.

Philippians 4:6-7 I will not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, I will present my requests to you. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard my heart and my mind in Christ Jesus. 

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 

Psalm 56:3 When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. 

Psalm 23:4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me

Matthew 6:34 Therefore I will not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Psalm 27:1 The Lord is my light and my salvationwhom shall I fear?  The Lord is the stronghold of my lifeof whom shall I be afraid?

Deuteronomy 31:6 I will be strong and courageous.  I will not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord my God goes with me; he will never leave me nor forsake me.

Psalm 46:1 God is my refuge and my strength, an ever-present help in trouble

Psalm 118:6-7 The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me? The Lord is with me; he is my helper.

Psalm 34:4  I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me.  He freed me from all my fears.

Deuteronomy 3:22 I will not be afraid of them; the Lord my God himself will fight for me. 

You guys, if there’s anything that you feel is making you afraid. In this life, these bible verses will change your mind and your spirit, as in, they will renew you and change you from inside out, write them down, put them on your mirror and recite them everyday and night. The one God who made you didn’t make you by accident, why should we fear what God created? Fear God and everything he made will work for you as he himself has ordered it.

He continued, saying he gave himself f a lot of pep talks and eventually picked up his books again and started from the beginning for what he believed would be his last time, he said he spaced out his studying and gave his brain time to digest what he was reading. He summoned all courage and scheduled for the test yet again and his heart pounded, his heart sank, what if he fails it again? He said he just wanted to start the new year afresh leaving all negative thoughts back in 2018. The day of the test was nearing and he got more and more nervous,  how will he make ends meet for his family if he doesn’t pass this test this time around. The negative thoughts reared their ugly and shapeless heads and he kept telling himself to think positive thoughts, “Johnson, think positive thoughts”, and then he told himself it wouldn’t  be the end of the world if he failed it again and that sort of gave him some confidence for some reason to just relax, knowing that the world would not come crashing down because he failed an exam and remembering that God wouldn’t leave his own.

1.) They said get a good night sleep before your test day, but he said he was so nervous, he was up all night trying to distract himself from the day ahead that he started writing his thoughts down.

2.) They said eat a good breakfast before your test day, but he was sick to his stomach like crazy from what he had eaten the night before, he was so uncomfortable, and I guess he was so hungry afterwards that he said he was smelling different types of food in the exam hall the next day.

3.) They said, don’t study 1-2 days before the test day to rest your brain, but he said he was so nervous about forgetting some things before the exam day that he was still memorizing some things the night before, he needed to refresh his memory again and again and again.

4.) They said take a break mid-way through your exam so you can relax your brain a bit and not get too overwhelmed in one seating, he told me went through the test in one seating, 4 hr straight, he even slept, woke up, and was day dreaming even in the exam hall and had only a min to spare at the end of it all because he hadn’t followed the rule of getting a good nights rest. So he panicked a bit multiple times because his time was running out and eventually he clicked submit to finish the exam.

When he clicked ‘finished’ and saw PASS he said he had to look again, he thought it was a mistake, it had to be an error, or maybe he was in one of his day dreams, he wiped his face again and again and pinched himself. PASS was still on the screen. He reminded myself he wouldn’t cry and comported himself like the gentleman he was and is,  kept calm till he got out of his seat, out the door, to his car and drove home. He couldn’t keep the excitement to a later date that he was thinking of so he told his immediate family when he got home. Two, three days to a wk later, he still couldn’t believe he had passed his exam, just like that, his life that was on pause for a while could now continue, he told me with tears now in his eyes as he finished his story. Backtracking to a movie I saw recently, Night school, I felt like my friend Johnson was Kevin in the movie, when I saw the end, I said oh shoot, that’s Johnson, going back to take his exam over and over again, not that Johnson had a learning disorder but that feeling one gets when one has to restart and jumpstart your brain after failing an exam, but at the end of the day, Kevin and Johnson passed eventually. Hopefully  Johnson will let us in once in while on how he’s doing at work which is his next hurdle, getting over the first year of work, which he says is no joke but guess who’s confident now more than ever? Guess who feels they can conquer anything they put their mind to? Guess who’s ready for the next rung of the ladder? Will that be you?

A little reflection after today’s episode. who would’ve have ever thought I’ll be writing for fun today? I remember when I was in school, I hated writing papers like crazy but I later realized that as soon as I would get my creative juices flowing on a topic, I’d find it hard to stop and end up writing less than I would’ve really wanted if only I had started earlier. I procrastinate you see and ever since I started this channel, I’ve been more productive especially with giving myself deadlines, planning my time and executing them. I struggle at times because in the end I’m still a daughter, a wife, an aunt, an in law and most importantly human, so I’ll continue trying to being the best of myself that I can be. “That which you really love or hate doing now might end up being your saving grace and purpose in life… So, pray for guidance on which is which?”

I hope I’ve encouraged and inspired you today to keep going no matter what and keep it moving. Don’t ever give up on your dreams, at one time even Johnson thought maybe God was giving him a sign to give up entirely but I’m so glad he didn’t, I’m sure he is too. Thank you very much for staying with me up until this time, If you’re watching for the first time, you’re most specially welcome to this drove. So, that’s all for now. Let’s stop giving ourselves high blood pressure for no reason. God willing, we are on this earth for an average of 75-80yrs. Let’s not waste any of our precious time thinking on what we would’ve, could’ve and should’ve done some time ago and just do it already. You have a decision to make about that exam you’ve been thinking about, that program you want to enroll in, that job you’ve been considering, the confidence ball is in your court. Don’t forget to like this post and subscribe if you’ve been inspired in any way so you don’t miss any new uploads, what are you waiting for, its free. Do check out my other posts and I’m hoping to read comments from you very soon. Don’t forget to love your neighbors as yourself like I always say and remember, to Rest in Peace, we all need to be Living in Peace, Stay blessed.

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  1. Wow! What a testimony! Thank you for sharing. This resonated with me so much, you have no idea. This post was definitely for me. Thank you.

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