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Its SOFT week, School of Fraternal Twins, a section of my blog, feel free to check the other ones after reading this post. So without much ado, let’s get into the topic for today, getting the kids up and ready for the day. I feel like whatever I teach my kids now will stay with them forever, so I try to instill positive and peaceful ways of living life even in the smallest ways. I’m very thankful that my kids for some reason don’t give me a lot of trouble with getting out of bed, once in a while, they’ll protest, but  once I say, time for school or time for church, or we’re going shopping, they get up right away, take off their clothes and jump in the shower. I think its because I started early with them, and because they’re twins, I usually challenge them. I’ll say, lets see who will get to the bath tub first today or let’s see who will take off their clothes first today. And after a while, they just got it. It’s still a little bit competitive some mornings but they love the challenge and I love watching how they get through it.

5 ways I try to prevent twin sibling rivalry when we’re getting ready for the day, the main word here being ‘try’, because, sometimes you’ll win and others you wont. I usually will say guys, 1) Its not a competition 2) I reward both of them with the same gifts 3) I encourage them, I don’t disregard their feelings 4) We Find Solutions together 5) We celebrate their accomplishments with egg surprises. I also give them some quotes to live by, so far, I’ve come up with these 1) “I’m a soldier, I won’t give up, I’ll keep trying till I get it right.” One day Maya told her brother, just give up, if you cant wear your shoes, and I reminded them, no, we don’t give up, we keep trying till we get it right.” Another one is 2) “I can do it all by myself because Jesus said so”

Maya always wants to be first, to get out of bed, to get undressed, to get in the shower, to put on socks, shoes, jacket, gloves, to get in the car and out of the car, to do basically everything, I think I’ve built a monster, so I tell her no more rushing, it’s not a competition, its not a race, even though it kind of is, it shouldn’t overthrow or overcome caring for your brother and sister. I love that Mani has a little brother to look after now and Maya we thought would have a little sister as well but its still good. This was our plan from the beginning, we didn’t want it just to be the twins because I felt they’d feel like they were extra special or something. I feel I would’ve over pampered them for some reason, So we decided to have more kids so that they too can spread their love to their siblings. I watch them all now and I’m glad we did, they love hugging and kissing and watching him grow, he as well loves running after them and imitating them at times. They still all fight though, its not all rosy rosy, over drinks, snacks food and others.

Recently I’ve been teaching Armani to be a soldier and not a worm. I also taught them the story of the sheep and the goat from the bible in preschool form of course. Goat doesn’t listen to instructions while sheep is obedient.  In some situations, I’ll ask them, are you a goat or a sheep? Who will get the reward? I also taught them how to apologize, they’ll not always do it when I tell them too, but I realized that when they’re playing, and they’re genuinely sorry for hurting each other, I’ll hear them apologizing to each other and assessing their wounds before they even tell me about it. For you guys just starting out with having kids, don’t say oh he’s still a baby, he doesn’t know what he’s doing, trust me, that is the right time to start your training. These kids are very smart and they’ll outsmart you if you’re not careful.

They have to know you’re the boss, once they have a feeling they can get away with things even at an early age, even though they cant talk yet or walk yet or do things on their own yet, trust me, they’re watching how you react to their reactions. My one year old  knows not to go to the garbage can, he’ll do it, yes he’ll open the garbage top like I’ve said a million times not to but he’ll do it anyway while looking at my face and my finger for any reactions and my face will say, boy, if you don’t close that garbage top right now and my finger waving to the left and to the right, without ever saying a word, he’ll close it right away, trust me “he knows” Don’t say I’ll wait till he’s 5 till I start teaching him, uh huh, the earlier the better. This is how we can start raising peaceful children who will in turn become adults hopefully peaceful adults like you would’ve taught them. Its never too late to instill discipline.

Let’s stop giving our children  high blood pressure for no reason. God willing, we are on this earth for an average of 75-80yrs. Let’s not waste any of that precious time on things that don’t help us positively in some way.  You have a decision to make, if not now, maybe later, the ball is in your court. Thank you very much for staying with me, you can like this post by giving it a thumbs up so that I can make more SOFT posts and also subscribe now to get notified of new posts, why wait? Don’t forget to love your neighbors as yourself and at the end of the day, let us remember that for us to RestInPeace, we all need to be LivingInPeace, Stay blessed. 

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