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Without wasting much time… there are questions that need to be asked of us if we want to solve the worlds problem about Living in Peace. The upbringing, discipline and love we received or didn’t receive when we were little kids helps to shape the future of the children we have been gifted by God. The nannies we had, the schools we attended, the teachers who taught us, the neighbors we had all have a positive or negative impact on our lives. So living a peaceful life might sometimes need that we take a look back at our lives while making adjustments to where we want to be in life in our future. Take for instance, someone who had a traumatic past, to move on peacefully in his or her adult life, they might have to go back in time to resolve issues that might be underlying and affecting the persons’ lifestyle right now. So I took a break one day to remember where I come from, particularly the schools I attended my whole life, examining the similarities and differences between the ones I attended in my home country Nigeria vs the ones I attended here in New York.

Growing up in Nigeria, the schooling system was very different from what I encountered over here. I’ll talk about 5 of them that were most glaring to me.

One class vs: Classroom to classroom

In Nigeria, the system is that the students stay in one class from the beginning of the day to the end while the teachers come to the class to teach, the teachers do the movements. For science and art class though, the students are required to go to their respective labs or studios and such. Compared to that of the American system where the entire student body has to move around the school campus to their respective classes. The teachers stay in one class all day and the students walk around aimlessly in the hall way, wasting time in restrooms, talking about senseless nonsense in stairwells. I’m sure you can guess which system I despise by now.  It was definitely a shock studying here in the states in the first couple of months. Walking in the hallways use to sicken me. Doesn’t it make sense that the students move around minimally,  I understand that at the end of every class, you can move around while still in your class room and that should be it.

Assembly line vs. Home Room –  I still don’t get this till today.

Back home, at the beginning of a school day, let’s say 8am or 730am. All students are expected to be on the assembly line outside, unless it was raining or something but that rarely happened.. So as you arrive from home, you would first go to your class before 8am, drop your bag and your books. Then, the bell would ring and you’d outside to your respective assembly line, grade by grade. The expectations for the day would be announced, hairstyle for the week would be called for the girls and at times, we would have to clean up the entire school compound, picking up dirt here and there supervised by the senior students/prefects. Compared to the high school I attended here, by grade, there are more than a couple of hundreds and I see why having an assembly line would have been chaotic. So that’s why they had home rooms, the grade is split up into classes and then announcement is disseminated. That was a bit of a shock, not having an assembly line at the beginning of the day before school started, it felt like school never really started daily for me, because once you’re in school, classes just start.

Lunch time vs. Lunch period

So like I’ve just realized, the number of students in the schools back home were very small and almost intimate in nature,  so during our lunch times, the whole school would go into the dinning hall. Teachers ate in their hall room for teachers. While the senior students, we called them prefects then, I don’t know if they still do that actually, they are the ones that supervise the dinning hall, from the distributing of food to the eating and cleaning up after wards.

School prefects vs. Home coming

Back home, school prefects were students who were noted to have high grades, they were brilliant, always neat and presentable, they had perfect attendance,  and they were also diligent in their school work, their appointment to being prefects was to encourage, guide and attend to the other students as role models. I remember I was the prefect that called natural hairstyles at the end of every week, usually it was a style of cornrows for the ladies in my school then, everyone had to have the same hairstyle and I was to ensure that all the female students complied to the hairstyle that was named.

Here in the States, all I knew in my three yrs. of attending high school here was that their culture was all about who had the most money to do what. Some students had cars, some just did fashion parade in the halls of the school. I definitely wasn’t interested in this culture so I never invested in it at all. I was all about my books because that culture just irritated me. At the end of the school year, they would nominate Prom Queen and Prom King, do I know who they were back in my high school days? Absolutely not. But then that’s me, I was trained differently from home so I wasn’t used to everything here including high school.

Discipline vs. Punishment 

So let’s talk about discipline. I’ve spoken about discipline before here on my channel, I’ll link up that video and you can also watch from the description box below. I can only speak for my country Nigeria, we take discipline very seriously, which usually comes in a verbal or physical form. So if you come late to school, you might be getting some strokes of the cane. It is expected that this form of punishment will change your behavior and you would eventually get the message to come early to school and coming in late will most likely get you physically hurt for some minutes. Now compared to American schools, I’ve never been to detention before, why would I? all that discipline from back home definitely paid off and obviously  made me an obedient student and watching some kids disrupt some of my classes here in the States was really annoying to watch. I remember being nauseated and just sick to my stomach, walking in the hallways or even thinking about walking the hallways as I tried to get to my next class. Its funny that as I’m preparing this topic, I heard on the news that teachers were leaving their jobs for 1) better paying jobs and 2) disruptive student behavior which were at an all time high. If there’s no discipline which I know there was here in the States many years ago, it’ll be hard to teach anybody. Nowadays, students believe they have the freedom and rights and feel they can do anything and get away with it. Back home, try that nonsense, you will learn by force.

Announcements vs. Telecom

I think I’ve kind of answered this one on my own, back home, there were only about 20. students or less in one grade whereas there were hundreds in one grade but separated into different classes here. Mainly, there are a lot of students here in the states compared to that of the private schools in my country, that’s why, intercom makes sense here, back home, we used assembly lines for announcements first thing in the morning.

Uniform vs. House clothes – this one burns me up

Ill try not to spend too much time on this topic. This was one of the main culture shock of my transition into high school here in the States. I hope my home country will not adopt this style of dressing in schools where students can wear anything they like, to the point of sometimes dressing  half naked to almost naked in schools. Every morning, I dreaded going to the public school assigned to me, I would have to wear something from home, whereas back home, my uniform was always ready, I was just like every one else, no individuality, you know I focused on my school work and even though, it sounds real bad, I still loved the system, but here, it showed that I lacked self esteem, I didn’t like the clothes I wore, sometimes, they were my mom’s clothes, or shoes when I first came here many moons ago and I remember the students calling me big feet one time, because my parents were struggling like everyone else and didn’t have a lot of money. Look at Zuckerberg today, the decision to pick out clothes at the beginning of the day is reduced because he just picks out a white shirt and a pair of jeans and he’s much more productive the rest of the day. High school students wear risqué outfits to school, they play with their hair and shoes all day, they compare what they wore with others, back when I was high school here, phones were just starting to be popular so nobody was on their phones but boy, they still distracted the class with paper throwing and all sorts of things. If private schools can wear uniforms here, why cant public schools? Back home your uniform gave you the identity of the school you belonged to and you had to represent your school outside the premises well. As nurses, our uniforms is not for fun, it shows who we are, firefighters, police officers, security officers, road safety for kids and so on are not for fun. Going to school in regular clothes makes kids not realize or differentiate that they  are in a different and serious environment that will shape their future, an environment of discipline, pls parents, even if your child is going to a public school, you can still train them to be different, and be role models for others who dare to be great. I’ll stop here on this one, if you agree with me, pls drop a comment in the section below.

My question now to you is to think back to your school days and if you had the opportunity to attend schools both in your country and here in the states, which one did you think was better, which one would you prefer? As in, the setup and the educational system in general, which one do you think was beneficial to students as a whole.

That’s all for now you guys, it’s Laraddiji once again closing this page.  I’m a  lover of peace and I love talking about situations we might find ourselves in that need peaceful answers. Let’s stop giving ourselves high blood pressure for no reason. God willing, we are on this earth for an average of 75-80yrs. Let’s not waste any of that precious time on things that don’t help us positively in some way.  You have a decision to make about living a peaceful life, the ball is in your court. Thank you very much for staying with me, If you’re watching for the first time, you’re most specially welcome to this family. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe  if you’ve been inspired in any way, so you don’t miss any new uploads.. That’s all for now you guys, The next post is a Freestyle one and I’ll be talking about My Sexually Transmitted Miracle. Do check out my other posts. I’m hoping to read from you very soon. Don’t forget to love your neighbors as yourself and remember, to Rest in Peace, we all need to be Living in Peace, Stay blessed.

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