WITP? What is the Percentage? Sexual Misconduct.

What is the Percentage? If you don’t know me and you’ll like to hear my voice, click the play button above. I’ll be talking about the sexual assault and sexual misconduct cases that are plaguing America today. Hello you guys and welcome back to my blog, my name is Laraddiji as always. If you’re here for the first time, you’re most especially welcome to this family. Don’t forget to like this blog post and subscribe if you’ve been inspired by what you’ll read today. Well, let’s get to it.

To begin on the topic today, we’ll first define sexual assault (it is an unwanted, illegal sexual contact that is forced and without consent) while sexual misconduct (is an unwelcome behavior sexual in nature committed without consent). What is common to both is the lack of consent which is defined as the permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. Good.

So watching the news about the allegations made of the powerful men being accused of sexual misconduct and sexual assault really had me thinking lately. I think because of my forgiving nature, I couldn’t even blame them at all. Right? Let he who is without sin be the first to cast a stone. John 8:7. I’m a sinner whether I like it or not so who am I to judge a fellow sinner? It is so unfortunate that these things have happened, and to the victims, only God can help them heal totally so that they can move on with their lives. Like my dad always says, forget about the problem, what is the solution right now so that it doesn’t happen again?

What do Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer and the others all have in common that differentiates them from the other guys in this country? These guys are rich and powerful men. They are also in positions where they can call the shots, they are also men who have a lot of people working Fine, these people have been accused and hopefully they’re deeply sorry for their offense, how do we fix this societal problem because it isn’t only these guys problems, their action affects every one of us, look at the president of our country now and the decisions he makes, so we need to fix this problem pronto but how can we do that unless we find the root cause.

So what is the root cause of this problem? There are so many sexual references and innuendos on everything we watch on the TV today that is very different on what even I watched how many years ago when I was younger, from unrelated adverts to video games, to movies to music videos, sex is everywhere. It’s like a game in our house now, we try to guess what they’re advertising. When kids are open to this style of living from their young age, being exposed to a life of nakedness, fast life, instant gratification, then self-control will become a hard topic to teach. I believe if we had clean media outlets, there would be a different turn out of our men. Unfortunately, there are many more men who don’t know that there’s a thin line between a regular discussion or touch or hug or even a non-verbal action and discussion that could lead to cases of sexual assault and misconduct. So, can we rightfully say that the media is one of the root causes deep in our subconscious thinking?

Some of the reasons women will go naked or close to it in front of the camera are because of fame, for money, or for money for their families, or money for material things, or maybe because they’re young and their hormones are raging. I’m not in the entertainment industry, but I was thinking, who makes all these decisions about the fashion for women and how naked they need to be for a movie to sell, and who decides what women can and can’t do in their own movies, wink Weinstein, I mean its like women don’t have a voice to say, they don’t want to dress in certain ways or maybe they like dressing naked for the public?

Does that make women the root cause of why we’re having these cases today? I was thinking also, what is the percentage of men who have movie industries compared to women? and what is the percentage of men behind the camera for movies or music videos compared to women? and lastly when women are naked, what percentage of men are actually pleased about it compared to women? most likely more than 60%. It is time for us women to stand up for our rights, no more hiding, no more shame, no more guilt, us women need to hold ourselves to a very high standard so that these types of men will not use and dump us.

I’ve been watching the news lately and I’m still waiting for a man to say he’s been sexually assaulted by a woman. It will never happen because men believe women are for their pleasure, this is why it’s sometimes hard for these men to think they are assaulting women, in their heads and in their minds, they are having fun and they think it should be fun for the women as well even if they do not consent to some acts.

We thank God for the women who fought greatly in American history for women’s rights and it’s so unfortunate that we still need a revolution today. I was watching a show accidentally, called Third Rail and they insinuated that Hollywood was to blame for why there’s so much violence in America we know today in terms of gun violence, so my thinking was in the right direction regarding these sexual misconduct and assault cases, because they are one and the same.

The big question is why do men do it when they know it’s not right? The truth is when you’re doing something wrong for a long time, it starts to look right. Do they do it because of their power or how much money they have? I remember a sermon from my church, my pastor said if you want to know the true character of a person, give him a lot of money. Some men have spent a lot of money to fuel their addictions and their love for material things of this world. Another pastor said if you buy a lot of something you like, you can only use one of that thing at a time.

Some men spend so much money on women while their home is hungry. Their wives and their children are hungry, their future is even hungry and they spend all that money on a short time of enjoyment. A lot of peoples future is suffering because of our mens’ greed. Us women have own issues but it’s the men that have put themselves out there for now so, with these discussions, hopefully, people can think twice before engaging in things of this nature.

Do they do it for the fun? The thing about fun is that when it is not the right type of fun, when you get caught or when the fun is over, the disgrace will be such that, it would’ve been better not to have started with it. I’m sure these accused men are thinking about why they started this behavior in the first place now that they have a lot of time on their hands. Why do married men do it? Are their wives not paying attention as someone mentioned to me in one of our discussions?

What he meant was maybe their wives were too busy for their husbands and that’s why they were engaging in these untoward behaviors. I still have a lot of questions, but what are your thoughts? We will get nowhere as a people if we look at the wrongdoings of our fellow brothers and sisters because that’s what we are fundamentally under all the colors and hair textures and accents and traditions. If we understood this in the beginning, I feel we will be at peace.

Let us remember that at the end of the day, we all have done something we are not proud of. It will be very hypocritical of us to point fingers at them, I hope the victims will be strong enough to forgive them. Please, let us respect ourselves as individuals and remember that our actions eventually affect the people around us whether directly or indirectly regardless of what religion we practice, regardless of where we’re from, and regardless of who we are in the society, with power or without power.

Let’s do things that will make people remember us in positive ways. God willing, We are on this earth for an average of 75-80yrs. Let’s not waste any of that precious time on what will not help us positively in some way.  You have a decision to make, if not now, maybe later, the ball is in your court. Thank very much for staying with me till the very end.

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