IHSC ::I Hate Shopping for Clothes::

                     I hate shopping for clothes, do you? I’ve been watering my online garden lately, basically with my writing and I’ve been learning a lot of what to dos and what not to dos about blogging. One word I’ve realized I hate, or despise or that irritates me to my core is  the word NICHE. As a noun, it means, “a shallow recess, especially one in a wall to display a statue or other ornament.”, or “a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.” or as an adjective, “denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.” And if you kind of know me because not a lot of people do, you’ll know that I dabble in a lot of things all under the umbrella of living a peaceful and an adventurous life. So I was bummed out when I read, heard and saw that to be a successful blogger, one has to tag oneself in a niche, if that makes any sense. So, either, tech, or beauty or DIYs or exercise or food or fashion and so on. So I decided, niche or no niche I’ll do what I’m inspired to do and hopefully this will inspire you as well to do what you love exclusively and not be boxed in by that word, NICHE.

IMG_0452 This is my last shopping adventure at Burlington Coat Factory. I did get the blue dress. above, I love floral dresses I guess, don’t know why.

                  Just because I don’t like the word doesn’t mean I don’t like whoever does with their blogs and with living their lives. Some people focus on one thing only and hit it repeatedly until they go big, while others don’t put their eggs in one basket, like me. Which brings me today’s post about fashion. I’m someone who’s very simple and simply dislike extravagance. I feel like, the simpler something is, the better. “simplicity – they say – is the spice of life.” I mean why complicate this life when it’s already as complicated as it can be? This is why I ask the question, why are we still shopping for clothes in 2018? this should be a basic thing, but then not a lot of things are basic. So I was thinking,  clothes should be something that can grow with us, regardless of our size, height, weight and body structure. I’m sure I’m speaking to some tech people among us. Maybe they’ll be able to make clothes that don’t stink regardless of how much we sweat, like stink resistant clothes or something, so we don’t have to go laundromats anymore.

IMG_0449 I ended buying this dress, the material looked like pleather but in a good way, it made me look like a million bucks when I wore it to church and of course with three kids and a day at the church, mommy wasn’t taking any pictures for evidence. oops. 

                 I definitely know some people will say I’m lazy and that’s ok and maybe I am a little and until we see the clothes we can wear and not have to worry about it shrinking from washes, then I think, I’ll make my point now. So anyway, I decided to go to TJ Maxx  recently to get some new clothes because I go to the mall less than 4-5 times a year due to my hatred for trying on clothes and all of these feelings surfaced. Anger, and shock at how my body has morphed all this years since my size 2 days. Why do I feel this way? How did I end up feeling this way about shopping for myself? You know how you only see yourself in 2 dimension with your flat mirror at home but in those fitting rooms, they have 3-4 mirrors connected together and you can see your sides and backside and your top view and under view, well, you know what I mean…, kind of in a 3-4 dimension way. (Swallows hard) Well I ‘saw’ myself and I was like wha!!!!!! my thighs and back rolls and I was like when did this happen?

IMG_0445 This dress wasn’t actually bad but for some reason, I can’t explain this face. I think not was the color, This year, my goal was to stay away from black dress, I had a number. 

                    I’ve since realized that ignorance is not bliss, I feel like if I saw how I was changing, maybe if my mirror can tell me how much I gain every day or lose everyday, I’ll be motivated to do something earlier before it really got out of hand. I need me a 3d mirror in my own house first and keep working on myself diet wise and exercise more, I’m not mad at myself, I’m happy at all the changes my body has gone through with three kids, twins and a boy and I’m welcoming all the changes it will go through to get back in shape. So in the meantime, I want to go shopping again and have fun doing it, trying on clothes that actually fit and are flattering and showcase my confidence from a mountaintop. I hope I have inspired you today to do the same, Our time here on earth is too short to waste it on things that don’t matter like weight. Do what you need to do, and definitely have fun doing it, this is a pep talk to myself, maybe it will be for you too. Say it with me, “I am beautiful” “I am loved” “I am not ugly” “I am exceptional” “I am one of me” “I am original.”

IMG_0442 Something wasn’t right about this white dress, it just didn’t hug me enough, and I usually stay away from huggy, huggy clothes because I love to be free to eat whatever I want, hence my face.

               Fortunately unfortunately, my fashion sense has been lacking for 3 decades and  its about time to turn this boat, no ship around, because how many people am I going to shipwreck with my fashion skills. Thank very much for staying around with me till the end. Ask questions if you have any, you can leave a comment as well. Also, you can like this post by giving it 5 stars. To get notified of new posts, Subscribe now. I’m hoping to read from you beautiful people very soon. Don’t forget to love your neighbors as yourself and remember, to RestInPeace, we all need to be LivingInPeace, Stay blessed.



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