P,SOI ::Pregnantitis, So Over It::

Pregnantitis, so over it…

Today, I’ll be talking about my pregnancy and being at the end of it all that I call Pregnantitis. Well, let’s get to it. So I’m sitting there early that morning, unable to sleep anymore, bright eyed and bushy tailed, looking at the ceiling for answers that aren’t there. I was 391/2 wks pregnant and I don’t even think I could wait another day to have the baby but I reminded myself to just hang in there and surely as life is, minute by minute, hour by hour, time passed. I could barely move my legs and turning from left to right in the bed was becoming a chore, impossible was the other word, I couldn’t walk straight, I waddled every way. I was peeing every other 5mins and even that became tiresome, that and eating at 3-4am in the morning.

This year was actually supposed to be about my weight loss journey but that turned out to be the opposite when I found out I was pregnant. With my first pregnancy which was with twins, I was 125 lbs before, and I gained about 50 lbs. After they were born, I lost 30lbs immediately but the side effect of the choice of my contraception was weight gain and boy, did I gain? I ended up gaining 10lbs more and plateaued at 160lbs. According to my BMI scores, I was now overweight, hmmmm. With this pregnancy though, my starting weight was 160lbs and by the 39th week, I had gained 25lbs more. So you can just guess what i’ll be doing next year. Getting back to my pre-babies bod. You’re welcome.

I bought a baby doll for my twin daughter and at one time I remember I was so bored that I put the doll on my belly pretending how the baby was lying in my womb. I also imagined how many pounds he would weigh. By this time, I was having pregnantitis, that’s what I called it, I’d been pregnant since February and I was so over being pregnant. Just when it would be almost over, my husband took some maternity pictures when I was 38wks pregnant, even though it was so cold in November and we couldn’t take better pictures, seeing myself glow helped boost my confidence a bit and that helped to keep me strong during the birth of my baby.

I am one of those of girls who when she was a size 2-4 told herself that she wouldn’t let herself get bigger or heavier but pregnancy had its own agenda on my body as I would learn. So if you’re like me thinking your body wouldn’t change and that you will remain thin forever, well, good luck to you, I got a rude awakening. I struggled with body image issues with both my pregnancies but I pretended through it all, thats all you can do: the bigger nose, the ever protruding belly, the weight gain, the waddling, the forgetfulness, the swollen feet, the acne, the bigger work uniforms, and many more. I just continued to ride the wave till I got to shore. I loved the bigger boobs part though, I can’t lie.

So on the second day of the 39th week, I started having contractions after been home for about a week with my maternity leave, I was so happy that something was happening finally, I was already tired of staying home and eating up all the food in the house. I called my mom and packed up my bag. I called my doctor but at this time the contractions were 6-7mins apart from 4pm to 8pm of that day, so I was instructed to keep tracking but to stay home and proceed to the hospital, only if the contractions were closer and stronger. I fell asleep on the couch after a couple more hours and I was so disappointed when I woke up the next day.  Nothing happened the next day either but on the 4th day of my 39th week, my husband and I drove to my doctor’s office for my last appointment, contractions were coming in at 5 mins apart on the way there and when I was assessed, I was 4cm dilated. I was instructed to go home if I wanted and to proceed to the hospital in about 2hrs just so that I wouldn’t be sitting around in the hospital. waiting. I was so excited, finally, good news.

Well, we decided to go home and get a couple of things, wrong move. There was so much traffic, so my darling husband decided to take a shortcut, every possible light we could hit turned red, and I tell you, we hit every pothole and every speed bump we could find, which made every contraction I had times a hundred. By the time we got home, contractions were coming every 3mins. At one time, I contemplated going to the hospital directly. From 1pm at drs’ office, we made it to the hospital and was admitted by 4pm. I was 7-8 cm dilated at this time. 4 more hours and my baby was welcomed into this world. During his birth, the nurse asked, do you want to touch his head, I was like, Oh no, I don’t want to touch his head. I was so determined in my choice, in my mind I was like, ‘how dare you ask me if I want to touch the baby’s head when his head is stretching my vajajay into oblivion.” Immediately they placed him on my chest and we bonded.

There aren’t a lot of advantages of having a C-SECTION, but the ones I know are that there is no pushing involved, it is recommended for a previous complicated vaginal delivery and it can be elective and predictable regarding the baby’s date. Advantages of a vaginal delivery include: getting out bed after a couple of hours with assistance, compared to a lot more time after a c-section or next day sit up time. Another advantage is a shorter hospital stay, immediate bonding with baby, and immediate feeding time. I asked myself some questions after the birth of my son. These are some of them.

** What did you struggle with when you were pregnant? I definitely struggled internally with my nose getting bigger, uniform not fitting well, and weight gain.                                                                                        ** How did you cope with the struggles you had when you were pregnant? Pretense, I pretended through it all, and I bought larger clothes and ate less portions.                                                                                            ** What would you have done differently with the struggles you had? I wish I ate better, I would have  exercised even more.

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