IAGD ::It’s A good Day::

It’s a good day.

               I’ve realized that I’m my family’s cheerleader. If I’m not cheering from the beginning of the day, the day will be a flop, but if I wake up refreshed and ready to rumble, things get done. So I try not to have days where I’m blue, it happens sometimes but I try to shake it off most times and other times, I just flop.

               So, we started the day with getting ready for Destin’s 8th month appointment and shots which was all the way at Premier Pediatrics across the Island of course and because I’m an advocate for immunizations, I made sure all my kids are vaccinated, what’s stopping you? And then from there we stopped by Carters in the same office complex to buy Destin’s shoes, we donated most of Armani’s shoes to church a while ago for fundraising so it was nice to get a cool pair and it lights up too, so that was very cool.

               Then we decided we would go raid a park for some time before we went home. Home sometimes is like a sentence, once we’re in the apartment, there’s nothing else the kids can do other than to watch TV, or play games on mummy’s cell phone or worse watch Ryan on youtube till its bedtime, forgetting to pee, or poop or eat even. Sometimes I engage them b y doing arts and craft and sometimes if I’m pooped, I’ll let them just go crazy and mess up the house.

               We tried to raid Westerleigh Park but that didn’t have anything for the kids to do and since I didn’t buy the scooters as planned yet, we decided to check out Chelsea’s playground which I found online but that ended up being a disappointment because of 1)it’s location: it was on the outskirts of Staten Island on the west side and because of it’s 2) presentation, it was dirty and just wrong, it looked like a child could be kidnapped easily there. I got a wrong vibe with the place before checking out the price, children $9.99 each and adults $4.99, nope, wasn’t going to do it.

               We eventually raided a trampoline playground called Flyhigh in Staten Island about 3-5mins down the road, it’s a trampoline playground which wasn’t a park but a place for people to just have fun with trampolines and it really was so much fun, we paid $15 for 30mins and boy even myself and my husband joined in.

               Ever since they’ve set up shop, we have never been there so it was fun to see what was inside finally. We signed a waiver first and then we paid for 30mins ($15/ person) and got socks($2) I got a discount so that was nice. We then went to Mcdonalds to reward the kids for their behavior and exercise, I know what you’re thinking, but once in a while, it just makes them happy, especially when they get toys. It was nice to be out of the house for a couple of hours as well.

               Tonight, I was surprised, I had nothing planned and Maya said, pls mummy, can we do ‘Arts and Crack” I had to correct her of course because we don’t do that stuff, we do, arts and craft. So I have to figure out what we’ll do next. So apparently I made an appointment to see the a friend of mine from church today who had a baby a couple of weeks ago and I’m so upset that we didn’t get to see them because I remembered too late in the night.

What have you done lately to have fun, because a fun filled life is a peaceful life?

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