MBAJ :: Makeup Beginning And Journey::

Makeup Beginning and Journey.

The only reason I decided to add make-up videos to my youtube channel was because I would like to help some people who have self-esteem issues on their face like I did to use make-up in adding a touch of confidence to their lives. I remember when I first started working at the hospital in the city, I had mild to moderate acne and you will not see pictures of that because I wouldn’t take any. It was so bad to the extent that, if my manager wanted to talk to me, I would hide and always looked guilty in some situations because I didn’t have that self-confidence at all.

I realized that earlier on in my nursing career when I wasn’t using makeup at all, my patients and their family members would ask me where I was from, I felt unpolished and local I guess, that’s what I thought at the time. People ask ridiculous questions when you’ve not dressed the part or look the part and I felt unhappy even with the uniform we all have to wear. I confidently told them I was from Nigeria regardless of whatever they had heard or experienced and then they go “oh, how did you learn to speak fluent English was usually their next question” or “I wouldn’t have guessed that you were from Nigeria” Oh really. I wouldn’t have guessed your ignorance.

That commercial where a lady goes, everyone is looking at my acne and not me, that was me. I felt like I didn’t look good enough, and my confidence plummeted, Anytime someone talked to me, I knew they were looking at that big red hill on my face, they were very painful too. My low self-esteem was so low and that it had a huge effect on my job performance because I didn’t talk much, I basically stayed by myself most of the time and I definitely didn’t socialize much either, I pretty much stayed in my lane.

I tried a lot of products for that acne, some worked and some didn’t. I believe Proactive really worked for me to an extent but I stopped using it due to fact that it made my face swell up every time I woke up at night. I believe I was allergic to some of the ingredients in their products. So, when proactive+ was released I decided to give the new products a try and I wasn’t disappointed, it worked wonders and my face cleared up a lot in a matter of weeks.

Back home in my country Nigeria, we used a special wash cloth to wash our face and for some reason, I felt like my face wouldn’t be clean unless I used that sponge. I later learned that could be part of what made my face broke out all the time. I experimented staying away from washing my face with the strong wash cloths and the week I stopped using that sponge, there was a lot of difference, I also started using alba botanical clean and treat towelettes. One side to scrub and one side to cleanse. That worked wonders for my face and helped to remove any make-up and any dead skin cells, keeping my face refreshed, smooth and beautiful.

I grew up believing that make-up was for promiscuous ladies and that’s why I didn’t dabble in it until my late 20s when I realized it’s power for a simple girl like me. There’s make-up and then there’s scary, what in the world do you have on your face girl make-up. So today, I thank God for youtube because I started learning from a lot of youtubers on how to cover up the rest of my acne scars, I purchased simple products for my makeup and started getting compliments at work. Rarely do I get those questions of where I’m from in a condescending manner but now of compliments. Even though we all have our inner beauty which is the most important of all, our face is still the window into that said beauty. The most important advice I’ll give which I’m sure we’ve all heard before would be, “Exactness and neatness in moderation is a virtue, but carried to extremes narrows the mind.” By Francois Fenelon

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