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Lonely Driving in New York.

So, I’m the type of person who loves driving especially when I was very single and was having the time of my life. The distance was no issue to me, the farther the better, the farthest I had ever traveled on my own was to Philadelphia and with my family: Texas. However, nowadays I find it very difficult to leave the house especially when I have to leave my kids(the notorious twins) behind even though I try to cherish those moments of alone time. Going to work lately has become very hard especially when they’re a little under the weather at just 27 months old. I work nights at a local hospital and that’s when magically kids want to run a fever, start coughing and never return to sleep, argh. I feel bad for my husband at times when he has to deal with them since I’m at work when they’re sick, and when he has to take care of not one but two kids at the same time with sinus infections, sneezing, coughing, runny noses and restless.

So anyways, lately I’ve been trying out some things I can do to keep myself busy during my rides going to work and coming home from work. You see I got into an accident a couple of years ago, where I fell asleep at the wheel even though I was almost home, my body fell into this slow motion trance when I hit traffic and before I knew it, bam!!!! rear-ended a car. Is sleep a demon, a thing or a thing because when it catches you, you just have to succumb, but if anything happens, lets say you rear ended someone, that sleep will be nowhere to be found, you’ll be very alert and all the things you couldn’t do in just a couple of minutes ago will be instantly possible. So from that day on, my own way of staying alerted when driving home from work changed or maybe I just modified it. First of all, my parents were so scared and decided I must call either one of them when I leave work till I make it home safely. Even though I love my husband, he just isn’t a morning person and anytime I call him on my way home, he’s always groggy so my mom and I agreed we would keep each other company since we both work night shifts and would come home around the same time.

Call family members. Advantage: You will not be sleepy, there’s always drama to talk about and gist on. I use this opportunity to talk to my mom and catch up on some things, check schedules for available babysitting times. Disadvantage: They probably wouldn’t tell you that you’re disturbing their life but as your family members, they will endure and sacrifice their time for you just so that you’re safe.

Eat snacks. Advantage: When your mouth is moving, you can’t sleep, it’s actually proven apparently that chewing gum while driving keeps you up when you’re mildly tired. Disadvantages: Weight gain, so choose wisely.

Listening to radio. Advantages: Depending on the station you’re still listening to, you will not sleep. When I listen to Z100 in New York, rarely sleep because they always have hot topics of things I would never do in real life. Disadvantages: Depending on the station you’re listening to, you could also sleep, oops.

Daydream. Advantages: Most times I’ve driven to work and caught myself daydreaming not realizing I’d driven for about 30mins without thinking about it. Also, this happens when your body is used to your internal brain map. My brain has adapted to where I’m going most of the time before I even get in the car. Sometimes, I’ve had to make double trips just because I forgot I had a different plan for that specific day. Disadvantages: This can be very distracting but is very dangerous because your mind is not concentrating on the present task of getting to your destination safe and sound.

Plan your future, your next move… Advantages: You’ll be planning your future. Disadvantages: are there any disadvantages to planning your own future?

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