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I started a YouTube channel…

In the past couple of weeks, I realized I wanted to start something fresh, a new journey about my life regarding general happenings around me so I decided I would start my own YouTube channel. This was something I did not even know existed until I started watching episodes of Ngee show and Sisi Yemmie way back when. I have this feeling that comes over me when I start talking at work and I have to tell myself “Lara, you need to shut up. They’re not really listening to you.” I started to feel insecure, why? I don’t know. But anytime I walk by someone, or anytime I’m at home, I just love to talk, to encourage, to crack a joke or go down memory lane with someone regarding a topic. Sometimes I even talk to my husband or most times my mom on the phone when I’m going home from work so that I wouldn’t fall asleep and get involved in an accident. That’s when I realized I could start a channel where even though I’m not talking to anyone, I’m talking to everyone who wants to hear me voluntarily.

The journey began when I clocked 30yrs old, a new era had started, my beginning, the slate had been wiped clean, I’m the type of person who loves special dates to start an activity. I’ve always had the content in the form of a magazine. I have written multiple templates on different topics, Togetherness was a big one and the template resurfaced recently in my apartment and that helped to push me in started the vlog/blog/channel. So, I decided I would elaborate and use the content I’ve always had but had had no platform for showcasing all these years. YouTube has always been a part of my life since I came to the States many moons ago and listening to one of the you-tubers talk about getting paid for their cool content really encouraged me the more to want to start this channel –LiveinPeace, where I would encourage the world to continue to do good one person at a time. Not for the money per say but because I’ve always felt like helping out in some way and giving back to my community whether here or back home. So if there was any way that could be possible with YouTube, I definitely would take it.

I’m a very creative person and what you will be seeing in the upcoming videos will be

1. Discussions on serious topics of living our everyday life in peace, Etiquette included.

2. DIY on many different hairstyles, crochet braids, ponytails, twists and so on.

3. Cooking cool recipes, both traditional and American.

4. Work Talk/Driving adventure.

5. How I achieve a flawless look and lastly.

6. Raising fraternal twins (School of Fraternal Twins-SOFT

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