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As the twins are growing up, there are so many changes that are constantly happening in the house, due to their growth and development. In one month, we’re getting things off the floor because they’re crawling, the next month, we’re getting things off the table, the next again, we’re putting the stuff in the second tier of the shelve off the floor to the third tier. Once they can reach for something, we move it. Once they can open some doors, we lock them up, forever, lol. Most of the things in our house are now at 3ft above or higher. I couldn’t possibly imagine what they’ll do when they get a little taller.

I personally love rearranging my space, you could visit now and in three 3-6 months, you would think you were in another apartment, and with the kids, I’m always rearranging to prevent them from reaching, pulling, disorganizing, tearing, spilling, emptying certain things. Constantly, I ask myself, is this a safety hazard? Or I’ll ask, how will I explain myself if my baby got hurt from this? What could I have done to prevent this? Then my solution would be easily conducted.

Fast-forward to when they are 2yr plus, they’re as tall as the door knob and they’re experimenting with opening doors. One day I watched them coordinate themselves to open the main apartment door (Armani unlocked the door, then Maya turned the knob) which leads to the hallway of the apartment complex, up the steps they went, thank God we have a locked main entrance to the street so whoever doesn’t have the keys wouldn’t be able to come into the complex first then into their apartment.

I imagined myself falling asleep one day after a 12hr shift working at the hospital when I came back from work and my husband wasn’t home and the twins opened the door and they went out of the apartment and knocked on my neighbor’s door and they called 911. I was scared and of course, I started figuring out a solution to this BIG problem. We immediately placed one of the gates we used when they were younger right before the door so they wouldn’t be able to get to the door talk less of opening it.

As your kids were growing, what do you remember doing often to prevent them from hurting themselves because safety is the name of the game?


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