WTNS? ::What’s That Nasty Smell?::

What’s That Nasty Smell?

Every mom has asked this question…why do we do that, when we already know the answer. After you’ve fed your baby that bowl of delicious yogurt, or a plate of beans or the good old baby formula…there’s the result.

So of course dad and mom are chilling browsing the internet for cars/van and working on a magazine respectively and it got quiet in the apartment for a couple of minutes and we both slowly look up at each other? What’s that nasty smell? I picked up my daughter first investigating the contents of her diaper and then my son’s, he’s usually the culprit for stinky poop, while my daughter is usually the culprit for stinky pee, not the  infection type but just terrible. Well, as it would happen, it was my son; boy oh boy, his butt was full of some dark green material that needed me to put on gloves and a mask before attempting to touch it, but wait I’m at home, not at the hospital where I work, needless to say: no gloves, no mask. Ewwwww!!!!, “Thanks” I say in my head of course, “what did you eat?” My husband would have replied quickly “He doesn’t resemble me in that area” However my  15month old son just abbles away knowing that he would finally be free of that gunk of poop in his diaper that he had been creeping around the house with, opening and closing drawers, playing with mummy’s shoes and going across the room with the half full bottle of water I drank for lunch. This is the utmost adventure for him at that age. Sigh…

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