M:DM&D ::Mission:Disturb Mom & Dad::

Mission: Disturb Mum&Dad

So here I am, trying to get some work done on my laptop and the kids wanted some attention. My husband was trying to get things done also but was unable to because the kids wanted some love. It got me thinking… Are babies, children, kids put in this world to disturb their mom and dad? Did they get a mission from where they came from that read: disturb mom and dad? What if? huh? I’m sure you’ve heard these before, “I stopped working to stay home with the kids when they were born”. Or “I put my career on hold for my kids”. Or “I’m a single mom so I have to work extra hard”.

There is a lot of disruption of daily routines, disruption of lifestyle, disruption in marriage, disruption in finances. Babies are a different type of storm that wipes out​ rules. Babies change everything. If you’re wise, you would think twice or three times before engaging in activities that can bring them to life because once you produce one, they’re here to stay. Even though they wreak a lot of havoc (diaper blowouts, endless whining/crying, terrible twos, tantrums, teenage yrs, midlife crisis), there’s a lot of love involved in raising babies. Even though they change all your rules, routines and lifestyles, there’s a lot of rewards involved in raising them. Even though sleepless nights will be uncountable, myriad questions will be unanswered, there’s still a lot of joy & happiness involved. Mission: Complete.

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