PAIR ::Pacifier Addiction Is Real::

What is addiction you might ask? A strong and harmful need to regularly have something or do something. So why is it that my 14mnth old twins would be addicted to something like a pacifier. We were doing so good without it until the third month. Maya would cry, no, screech whenever she wanted to nap/sleep but still needed to suck anything that had no food in it.

In the beginning, we would think she was wet, but that would not be the case, we would think she was hungry but whenever she would suck on a bottle or get fed naturally, she would get more angry and cranky because food would come out. She only stopped crying and took a nap when we would put a finger in her mouth like the doctors did to assess a baby’s mouth. We gave in to using the pacifier. Armani joined her sister  approximately a week afterwards.

Fast-forward, 11 months down the line and now you’ll see the twins with their pacifier for nap time and bedtime only. If they don’t have it, nobody sleeps in the house. You will see Maya with one in her mouth, and one in each hands, what for? I don’t understand, Insurance/Assurance? My husband and I are ready to take it away now, wish us all the luck; hopefully, it’s a smooth transition. I’ve heard horror stories told about that week of crazy withdrawal.

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