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Moms: Underpaid Undercover Detectives.

Usually when my twins: Armani and Maya are playing together I smile. ‘Aww, it’s so cute they have each other to play with’ Sometimes when one or the other is sleeping, the one awake will try to wake the other up just so they can be bothersome together. Maya usually looks for what to play with and then Armani joins in the mischief.

But wait, the thought is usually short lived. I usually will hear silence before a burst of a shriek or a cry. Being the unpaid undercover detective that I am, I usually have to figure out what just happened depending on: a) which baby is crying b) where the crying baby is c) the body part he or she is touching  d) who they’re looking at and e) who looks guilty upon eye contact.

This will then give me the next step to take regarding the right solution to render. For instance. A simple example. Mom: (thinking) Aww, it’s so cute they’re playing with the toy remote control I bought for them ages ago. 10-30 secs later, (usually less than a minute after the thought or just looking away), silence, then a cry. That’s when my services are needed, and I investigate away.

i) Armani is the one crying

ii) he is sitting on the right hand side of Maya

iii) he is touching the left side of his head

iv) he is looking at Maya

v) Maya is looking at him with a guilty expression with the remote control in her right hand.

So from all this, it is safe to say that Maya hit Armani on the head with the remote control. Now I can soothe Armani while making sure he doesn’t have a big gash of a bump on his head, which is usually fine. Sigh…

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