TGYF ::Texas Greek Yogurt Face::

If you’re sitting there thinking TGYF meant ‘Thank Goodness, Yasmin Forgot’ then think again. This picture happened as we landed in Texas for my girlfriend’s wedding, Armani and Maya were a little over 6 months at the time and they had had a good time on their first flight out of New York City. They both slept in the middle seat because there was a vacancy. We had stepped out of the airport with the hopes that the car rentals would be a short distance from the terminals, nope… We had to take a shuttle to the rental depot and by the time we got there, the babies started crying: hungry from the plane ride, we decided to buy some food. Yogurt was all I believe they could eat from the other choices we had and the babies were eager to have a taste. Oh well, I gave it them and boy, did they enjoy themselves: the mess they made was not only on their front end but also on their rear end by the time evening rolled by.

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