SOFT ::School Of Fraternal Twins::

I’ve always wanted to document the journey of having twins and have never gotten around to doing so. So, in the eight months of my babies’ first year, I realized that every day was full of adventure into uncharted territories. The twins were growing and developing, they were acquiring new skills and were changing right before our eyes. Within the i) challenges of raising the twins our first, ii) challenges of their growth and development, and iii) my husband’s experiences in caring for children, we started giving each day a new name. For instance, it could be a reverse day, where everything happened opposite of the usual norms. It could be a poop day where the twins were blessing us with different colors of poop throughout the day or it could be a fussy day where they cried most of the day.

On different occasions, my husband called at my work saying that the kids refuse to sleep and they were just carrying on. I would plead with him to give them a second, third, fourth or sometimes a fifth chance before they would then fall asleep eventually. God has been good to us in uncountable of ways, we have been able to take very good care of the twins as they’re growing. My husband was kind enough to stay home with them for the first year, that was the only way we would’ve been able to survive until the kids are able to talk and walk then we would be very glad to ship them off to a babysitter or a daycare and get 25% of our lives back.

After God, I thank God also for my parents, for their endless support and time, the first year would have been​ worse but everybody worked together to make it bearable. You will never hear us (meaning my husband and I) say that having twins is crazy or hectic, to me, i​ts challenging just like every other baby and one just needs to be wise when taking care of young children. As they’re growing, we’re also growing with them, we’re learning from them also so as to teach them seamlessly the importance of patience, reward, obedience, truthfulness, actions and their consequences.

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