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I was finally washing the pile of dishes I had left since Monday today and as I washed them, I was listening to some music on my iPhone. When the music was over, my whole apartment went silent (another topic for another time), my hands were wet and I didn’t even think of drying them to put on another track. I thought, ‘Are we so afraid of speaking with our minds that we are always so distracted with one thing or the other while keeping our minds occupied with activities that really don’t matter?’ If it’s not music, then it’s talking on the phone, if it’s not that then it’s texting, pinging or net surfing. With that said, my mind went on a trip and I started to think about my family and friends that I had left in Nigeria many years ago. I’m always thinking about home, because I dream about Nigeria all the time. I thought about those who has asked me to help them when I got to America even though I was only 14yrs old then, I wondered how I could’ve I helped?

I started thinking, asking my mind some questions and I’m glad I got some answers.’My heart wants to help those that are back home, really, but God knows that I need help myself, if I only I was rich enough, I would bring them here or set up businesses for them at home. But wait, will they pray for me to be successful here in America so that I can help them in return? Hmm…’ Immediately I remembered a sermon titled Destiny Helpers by Pastor Odiah I believe at Light of God International Miracle Center a while ago. I also remembered a prayer relating to that sermon; ‘Wherever my destiny helpers are, Oh Lord, send them to me. Wherever they may be, oh Lord, redirect and send them to me.’ Then a thought came to me, ‘What if my destiny helpers at that time were broke or lost or worse dead?’ I stopped washing the dishes for a minute (I immediately rebuked and rejected that thought) and then I continued with the dishes. I grew confused, I asked, ‘Wait, who are our so-called destiny helpers?’ Something then told me, ‘They don’t have to be miles away from you or out of your reach, you know? They are not far from you like you think. Think about it, they are all around you now.’


For some reason, I immediately thought about Joseph, the dreamer in the bible, who needed his destiny helpers when he was thrown into a pit by his brothers when he was younger. His dreams had been that he would be served by his older ones even his parents and for this prophecy to come true, his dad had been the foundational Destiny Helper #1 while his brothers I guess had to be his D.H. #2 of the fulfillment of the prophecy of that dream; the Medianites who bought Joseph from his brothers became the D.H. #3; Potiphar’s wife who had accused Joseph of wrong doing became his D.H. #4; the Prison warden who favored Joseph was his D.H. #5. At that same time Joseph was in prison, he was also a destiny helper to others, he interpreted the dreams which the cupbearer and the chief baker had had when no one could interpret it for them. (Are all dreams meant to be interpreted? If yes, there are some serious repetitive dreams I’ve had that need immediate attention) The cup bearer later became his D.H. #6, even though two whole years had already passed. Pharaoh became his last Destiny Helper #7. From the Pit to Potiphar to Prison to Pharaoh. 30 years of a journey to the fulfillment of a prophecy. Destiny helpers sold him, slaved him, accused him, favored him, imprisoned him, and later and finally uplifted him.

THE POINT: Joseph’s brothers disliked him and didn’t want want his dream to come to pass; there was no love in their hearts. The result would have been different if they had realized that what they were doing was actually giving Joseph the very chance he had  needed for his dream to come true. The result might have been maybe faster,  if Joseph’s brothers, the Potiphar’s wife and the cup bearer had had God’s mind in their hearts. Matthew 28:37-40 (read it yourself). The greatest and 2nd greatest commandment. Let us connect our minds to God’s word, let us speak with our minds and listen to our hearts. Let us pray that our destiny helpers will find God’s favor and let us pray that they should not be lost to God’s mind so that they can in turn remember us at God’ right time.


If you think you are holding someone back in whichever way because they offended you in whatever way, think again, you are actually pushing that person to their Destiny Helpers, and ultimately, to their miracle, you might only prolong the journey to their destiny. Really, don’t even waste your time, instead, let us love one another, if you can help others, do so. Remember, it is not until you go diabolical for you to bring someone down, be it with the words of our mouths, our actions and our thoughts, let us be careful in all. We are brothers and sisters, whether we like it or not and our destinies are intertwined. Be a Destiny Helper today and not a destiny destroyer and let us Pass this along, if it doesn’t do you any good, this might help another…

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