Still raining under the trees.

Even though your troubles are endless
And there is so much to lose
Even after you’ve given it all up
And your heart is turned inside out
Don’t lose your faith and don’t give up
cos God is still there for you

Even though the sun is out
And the clouds are gone
Even after the storm has passed
And the rains have stopped
Don’t lose hope and don’t give in
Cos it’s still raining under the trees

I woke up one morning from a dream, I was at the edge of a forest and it had been raining, when I got out of the thick forest, I realized that it had actually stopped raining, I went back in the thick forest and realized the wind shaking the trees made it seem like it was still raining.

I was so excited when I woke up. I was going through some tough times financially and emotionally and this dream lifted me up. Even though it seems like help is far away, and that you’re all alone, help is actually right around the corner. When you think God has forgotten all about you, that’s when  he shows up, when you feel it has stopped raining in your life, think again, its really still raining under the trees.

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