Just Irresponsible


As Leaders
In your Thoughts
With your Choices
About your Actions
Even while Training
Towards other People
In following Advices
Before your Behaviors
Throughout your Duty
Amidst different Outings
Whether with your Words
With respect to Allowances
As well as making Decisions
Around and about your Parents
Please be responsible

So, to really appreciate this design would mean that the distracting graph paper lines beneath will not be there. This should be soaked in at a gallery ‘my gallery’, well for now, you get to enjoy it. Try to look at it from afar and see the amazing.

Irresponsible is our nation today and it needs responsible hands to lead it aright. There are so many topics that I can use as an example but the most glaring one right now involves gun usage. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2012/12/14/nine-facts-about-guns-and-mass-shootings-in-the-united-states/  the site was able to compile a whole list of issues to be considered in the mass shootings here in the States.
It is sad and I just cannot comprehend why this should happen if not because of irresponsibility either on the part of the owners of the weapons or on the shooters, the death of responsible people who are innocent bystanders end up being the consequences of irresponsible actions.

Irresponsible words leave the mouths of their hosts and cause damage and destruction to the people in their paths. Think before you talk, ponder before you demolish those you love. Irresponsible orders or errands make others lose the real focus thereby losing their way to their destinies.. instead of being a destiny destroyer, why not become a destiny changer. Irresponsible leaders control their followers and lead to instill fear in the hearts of men; they fail to realize that leadership involves being patient, courageous, determined and being flexible when necessary. Irresponsible choices usually lack deep thought and end up hurting the maker and those around him; it is wise to draw out the positives and negatives, advantages and disadvantages of a choice before making them. Irresponsible thoughts bring forth irresponsible words: they cannot be escaped because we are human: however one can be responsible in not letting them come alive. Pray for extra strength to achieve this. Irresponsible actions stem from irresponsible thoughts. What generates from our minds is manifested in our actions. Are your actions worth following? Are your actions good examples for others? Irresponsible advises come from irresponsible characters; usually upon research, the root cause is success and money, leading to jealousy and envy. Irresponsible parents lead their children astray; they blame others for their misfortunes and compare themselves to other parents. Irresponsible outings and partying at odd hours of the night, lead to troubles of different levels, you witness what you’re not supposed to, you get involved in businesses that are not yours, just plain trouble. Irresponsible decisions are made when we have irresponsible choices, for instance, “she can’t have kids because her husband is sterile but he doesn’t know this”, and the irresponsible friend suggests she can either get pregnant by another man or by her husband’s brother… engaging in Irresponsible behaviors will be the result of making irresponsible decisions based on irresponsible choices. and because we are so blind to these irresponsibilities, Irresponsible allowances therefore end it all, we allow ourselves to be used as filthy rags because we have not guarded our minds and souls where these irresponsibilities were born.

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