Floating Dreams


are they real?
are they true?
are they jokes?
are they helpful?
are dreams alive?
are they an escape?
are they impossible?
are they warnings?
are they windows?
are they powerful?
are they possible?
are they magic
are they lost?
are they lies?

Dreams started this blog, had and have lots of them just like you, dreams where we could fly, dreams where we could be whoever we wanted, and dreams where we could do whatever we wanted. Dreams open doors into another realm…some dreams show the way and some hide them. I want to believe that dreams are our subconscious telling us a tale of what was, what is and what could be.


Imagine if dreams were a reality from another time, light-years, light-years and light-years away from our time, then at least now I know my twin is having a lot of fun in another planet and galaxy. Imagine if dreams were true then you better be careful what you dream of, and be true to yourself always. Imagine if dreams were jokes, then the joke has actually been on us all this time, throughout our lives if we’ve based our lives on them. Imagine if dreams were helpful, then we could tap into their energies and make our lives better. Imagine if dreams were alive, then there are other lives being lived right now in wherever place they are. Imagine if dreams were an escape, then I’ll want to escape to it whenever I’m in trouble. Imagine if dreams were impossible, how would we escape from this earthly world or more-so, this worldly earth? Imagine if dreams were warnings, then I hope we’ll be smart to heed their their warnings. Imagine if dreams were windows, then we could take a peek into the past present or the future. Imagine if dreams were powerful, then we don’t even know the half of it. Imagine if dreams were possible, then possibility is only the beginning. Imagine if dreams were magical, then magic is in everything. Imagine if dreams were lost, then how could we return them back to their time? Imagine if dreams were lies then I might have and based some of my life choices on them. Imagine if dreams were living in another life, then I know, I might be a dream.

There are dreams floating all around, lost and looking for a crack in time, looking for a host to see and tap into them, dreams… a way out… I think…?

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