Broken Heart


“You’re the only one I wish I could forget
The only one I love to not forgive” Beyonce’
“Even if you were a million miles away”
I could still feel you in my bed, near me” Keys’
“What about now? What about today?
What if your love never went away?” Daughtry’
“You roll outta bed, and down on your knees
And for a moment you can hardly breath” Mayer’
“Where are you now, what have you found?
Where is your heart when I’m not around?” Spears’
“Last night I prayed the Lord my soul to keep. Then I cried
myself to sleep, so sure life wouldn’t go on without you” Reba’
“Oceans apart dad after day, and I slowly go insane
I hear your voice on the line, but it doesn’t stop the pain” Marx’

This design believe it or not makes me think about the Creation in the biblical sense, God loved us so much that he had a relationship with us earlier in the beginning of our lives, but because of sin and disobedience, we broke up with him and left Him with a broken heart and it dawned on me, to heal that broken heart, we need to give our lives back to him, this is why there is much rejoicing in heaven when only one person returns back to him. God’s love is infinity x infinity compared to the love we have for each other here on earth. There’s a gap in the design, and reunited with God closes that gap. I hope this will help someone in their relationship, or healing a divorce or even in forgiveness.

Broken Heart is familiar to everyone of us, If it didn’t happen to you, it’s happened to a friend of yours. I’ve broken a few hearts myself, but I couldn’t say I knew the extent of the heartbreak, first of all men don’t show too much of emotions so they wouldn’t show they were really hurt because of their show of bravado. Sometimes to move on from a point in life, we need to break away from some people and some friends; we might say this is selfish, but it happens. This time of our lives, if we’ve been heart broken or been the heart breaker, is a time of sadness and loneliness and the artists above have said it all. The design above shows one too many sharp edges and this can hurt someone. Sometimes with a pencil in my hand, I never know what design will come out f it. I was in a relationship at the time of this drawing and was contemplating breaking up, however I realized so many people would be affected. These thoughts baffled me and internally I battled them and this design emerged. I somehow found the courage to go through with my thoughts and realized it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. We are not friends today but that part of my life is over and I’m most happy today with my fiance. Looking back to where you’ve been helps to plan for where you’re going in the future.

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