I–287 and beyond

Let’s see what I did on this day of 12.12.12. I had decided to go on an adventure, a nursing conference attendance an hour away from my house: from Staten Island to White Plains NY. I had actually thought I would see “white plains” a joke I told myself when I got there. So anyway, it was unfortunate I had a rough night two nights before my short expedition, 12.11.12 therefore became my catch up with school work day which continued into the early hours of the morning of this spectacular and historic day. I went to bed or slept off rather at about 1 am, and later woke up at 4am to finish up my last school year paper. My plan was to leave home early but my paper deserved much more attention if I wanted an A in the course which I did get on the entire course, yay me. I set off 645 from Staten Island which was , 45 mins behind schedule and I started driving, on and on I drove with my GPS guiding the way. I always say, thank God for GPS, if not we would be grounded in our adventures, not knowing where to go and getting lost or worse, die trying to find the way back home, one of my fears erased with the GPS.

I was about 15 mins to my destination when my so called GPS lost signal and here goes my darkest fear manifesting itself. I will get lost. I did get lost for a lil bit and I just managed to find my way. My other fear was finding my way back home after the conference. My GPS and phone wasn’t working at all, how would i find my way home, I started driving hoping to find the new york sign, in about thirty minutes, the sun will go down. I wasn’t nervous, I wasn’t scared, I just kept on driving, I bought a full tank of gas to avoid any breakdowns on the way. I drove for about an hour in the direction i thought would be the way till I saw a NY sign pointing the opposite direction, I wanted to cry. I sucked it up and made a turn at the next underpass. I now begin the journey home, which took about 2hrs and 45 mins. Although there was no mishap of any kind, you know in the movies, your car gets stuck, and you have to walk and you get bitten by a snake or you hit something and have to take it with you like a deer and then it wakes up in the back seat of your car and then you get hit and cause a major accident line up; nothing like that happened, I thought this was the worst adventure ever..

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