Above and Beyond


Something happened to me, long, long ago
I appeared weak and wasn’t strong enough
I thought I could, but ended up getting hurt
The waves, the flames, and winds were high
Around me and above my head, I bowed in fear
My love will surely come and rescue me, I said
The cut was deeper than a sharp edged sword
The blow sent ripples of hate down my throat
Something so terrible, I could not afford
I knelt down and prayed for sense and divinity
But Love came through and therefore I glow
And for Love, I’ll surely go above and beyond.

I remember a time I helped out a friend, but I don’t know what I did exactly, but he/she knows however that at the time she needed help, that I had gone above and beyond for her. Even though you sometimes don’t ‘really help’ someone, you trying to help goes a long way.. because you helped them in their journey or quest. 

“He saw him in the cold, he had no home to go that night and he had no shoes to wear. He could’ve turned a blind eye, but instead decided to buy him shoes. He could’ve turned a deaf ear, but instead, helped him put it on. A man is now walking today, not worrying about his cold, cold feet.

** What have you done Above and Beyond for your neighbor?
** Where have you gone above and beyond for your friend?
** Who have you seen above and beyond a cause?

At all times, do more than the bare minimum; when feasible. The required work you do is not enough to show you care. Do your best, know your worth, and pave your way. Those who go above and  beyond in their endeavors succeed in life, Above and beyond in love, in prayer, and in truth

Do what you do naturally, don’t make it a big deal. Life is a treasure, treat it as such, Life is a treasure, Love it as much. 

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