Fearest Of Them All

Mirror Mirror on the wall
You reject what has been given to you
And give back, exactly how it was
Rebelling the laws of Karma
Mirror Mirror on the wall
My actions, on a slate of glass!!
Your judgmental outlook, disgust…
My reflection, what is my intellect?
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Please tell me once and for all
In front of you, what do you see?
Am I afraid, coward, kind or meek?
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Am I the fearest of them all?

When you look in the mirror what do you see? A masterpiece? A fake? An Original? 
Do you ever wish the mirror should try to embellish what it reflects?
Have you ever asked if the mirror gets tired of what it sees?

The truth is never hidden, the mirror sees it all
Your blemishes before you cover it all up, the mirror sees it all
Your nakedness, your shame, your genuine self, it sees it all
Your outward appearance is all it sees but God sees more…

God sees all, more than what you put on, more than what you cover…
More than you can imagine, more than you can think or phantom…
God is the greatest mirror – El Roi – The strong one who sees

There is God in each and every one of us
Hello? If you want to see God, look in the “Mirror”

YOU are a small ‘God’ He lives in you and me…

He sees himself in us, we are His mirror image…
He manifests to those whose have a relationship with him.
You have to be attuned to ‘yourself’ to ‘God’ and not the world…

When I look at myself in the ‘Mirror’ I see a ‘Queen’ Majestically and wonderfully made…
When I look at others, I should see God in them, because they are the images of God.
Nothing he has made is ugly, grotesque or Ewwish. lol I could continue but I must stop.
Have a talk with yourself, speak with God and ‘SEE’ him in your life, you are his handwork, be useful.

on Friday, 8/17 I saw a video article on Mirrors, ‘Mirror Mirror, off the wall’ such dejavu a day after I had published my blog article. I just had to share it with you guys… just copy and paste it, Enjoy!!


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