Please Forgive Me

For the clueless times I’ve cursed at you For the unkind words I’ve said

For the endless times I’ve walked out on you For the immoral things I’ve done

For the never-ending times I’ve doubted you For the precious times I’ve wasted

For the ceaseless times I’ve blatantly lied For the beautiful moments I’ve missed

For the boundless times I’ve disobeyed your rules For the helpless people I’ve ignored

For the limitless times I’ve been very inconsiderate For the selfish reasons I’ve concocted

For the breathless times I’ve been rebellious For the ugly person I’ve grown up to be

Please Forgive Me

I can’t remember exactly what I did wrong at the time of this design, however, I know we constantly do the wrong things as we are all human, but today, I asked for forgiveness, and the slate has been wiped squeaky clean. It is time for a new beginning. No matter what you have done, no matter the degree, a sin is a sin.

Ask for forgiveness and your blessings will manifest themselves. Asking for forgiveness is a humbling experience, it comes from the heart. If someone asks you to forgive them for what they’ve done against you, please do so you both can be free. Nobody is perfect, but through Christ, we have made whole and blemish free

For a peaceful and better humanity please love one another and forgive each other.

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