Faith Moves Mountains



Faith Seals Destinies, Faith Sees Beauty
Faith Touches Lives, Faith Loves All
Faith Changes Situations, Faith Hears Quiet
Faith Hates Evil, Faith Fears Hatred
Faith Keeps Peace, Faith Adores Endurance
Faith Worships Humble, Faith Speaks Truth
Above All, Faith Moves Mountains

Hebrew 11:1. Faith is assurance of things hoped for, proof of things not seen.

There were times when I thought I could do something on my own, but not until I had the faith that God can do it and actually had already had done it did I now succeed. Before we were born, God knew us already and he knows all our decisions, he knows all our actions, he knows all our thought, he knows how we interact and he knows majorly our destinies, so WHY WOULD WE EVER WANT TO GO BEHIND HIS BACK to do anything on our own? Believe that before you had a dream, he has already known it and pray that he has mercy on you that your good dreams will come to pass.


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