Between You and Me

Between you and me is a sky-high wall..
Between you and me is an ocean so deep..
Over that wall is a field, where dreams come true
Across that ocean is a land of milk and honey
Since we’ve been together, we’re destined to win
Against all odds, I can see our lives in forever
Outside there’s war, out there is a fierce battle
Inside there’s peace, in here is love blossoming
Beyond the hills lies what is and what shoud be
Before you and me was ordinary me and him
Amidst you and I is a fiield of flowers and fragrances
After you and I will be a lifetime of laughter and smiles
Above all, between you and me is a love so true

In my blog, I try to relate the title of the design to the drawing itself and looking at this one ‘Between you and me’, I decided to write on the importance of the empty space. I was actually thinking the space in ‘between you and me’ was negative, as I started writing, I realized the space was a good thing and positive in a relationship. I hope you get it.

Space, doesn’t have to be  the one above, between you and me. ‘Between you and me’ is a design that depicts the normal and expected space between a couple, between two friends, between two people. Space doesn’t have to be a long distance, Space doesn’t have to be a lack of communication. Between you and me should be a Space of freedom , vast space of peace, space of love.

There’s more to come, please feel free to comment and add your thoughts

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