Cross the road and over to the other side

Be the adult and forgive the other guy
Swim the lake and watch the other land
Climb the mountain and see the other plains
Stare at the sun and try the other half
Leave the mistress and love the other woman
Come with me and take the other hand
Dance with me and forget the other night
Take this job and leave the other life
Watch your feet and sweep the other end
Climb the tree and tell the other girl
Cross the road and over to the other side
There’s always another side to every story
Death is not something we can escape

Everything Should Come After Pressure Ends

There are some things people try to escape from, responsibilities, relationships, marriages, growth, jobs, schools,  seasons, children, driving, cooking, chores, some even feel like escaping life altogether.

Some escape into drugs, smoking, eating, drinking, hoarding, stealing, killing, prostituting, lying, bleaching, money, business, herbalists, tattooing and so on..Why escape when Jesus has ESCAPEd it all for our sakes.

At this time of confusion, please seek out someone that can help you, someone older, filled with wisdom, seek out church leaders, go on your knees and pray for direction for yourself. ‘ESCAPE’ ing from these matters will not solve issues, believe me, I’m sure you know this for yourself.

CROSSING OVER means its only the beginning of your journey

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