Life is such a bore,
so what if life was excellent and rosy…
it can be lonely sometime,
so what if we had everyone around us…
babies are born and the old die,
so what if there was never death anymore…
couples marry and couples get a divorce,
so what if a couple live on till death do them part…
we nag, we cry, we we argue, we fight,
so what if we loved and cared for our neighbor as ourselves…
This was not how it was written in the beginning,
Life of broken goods and  Damages

I just love this design, its all about things that once existed in harmony, peace, love, togetherness, family, life,  don’t get me wrong, I know they still exist but not in the way they used to be. Everything is changed, who knows in the next couple of years how many other things will change, and it is changing right now as I write. Families are breaking up, couples are fighting, youth, killing themselves; parents shuffling their kids, churches even aren’t churches anymore, it has become another place we go.

Damages in our lives, damages in our youth, damages in our upbringing, damages in our schools, damages in our parenting, damages in our judgement, damages in our virtues, damages in our sexual orientation, damages in our thinking, damages in our finances, damages in our marriages, damages in our living, damages in our decisions, damages in our skills, damages in our communities, damages in our country, damages in our minds…. Oh God, please help us.

You’re probably wondering, where is the damage in the design, Its funny I don’t see it and I pray you never see it too. Perhaps we are all too blind to perceive them, perhaps, there are damages goods in our precious and cherished possessions that we are too blind to see them. However, I pray they will all be caged and locked away from our lives, and from our dwelling places.

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