We Meet, We Dine, We Love, We Hate, We Munch, We Dance. We Lie, We’re  Hot.
We Design, We Make, We Hatch, We Lost, We Draw, We Mold. We Hover, We Litter.
The future has become our present… The people have become our measure…
The present has become the dreams of our past…
The measure has become the object of our demise…
The past has been embedded in our memories… 
The demise has been embedded in our character…
A proverb says,
“Watch your thoughts for they become words,
Watch your words, for they become actions,
Watch your actions, for they become habits,
Watch your habits, for they become character
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Have you ever been in a situation or ever had a feeling of something you might have been aware of. There’s been so many times I have a feeling of knowing about a situation either through a dream or through a thought. There’s been uncountable times when I’ve thought of something but never said it out aloud, such coincidences turned out to be dejavus for me. Watch out for Dejavus that want to mess with the order of your destiny.

The evening I drafted this post, a coworker said it was Dejavu to see me a third day in a row at work. My eyes lit up, and I was smiling inside, such Dejavu. The design is all about the past, present and the future and family/relationships (we all have one). Please let me know how this piece speaks to you, What do you see?

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