Unfinished Business…

          I’m actually new to blogging, I’ve always wanted to document interesting things going on in my life, but however not necessarily, make it public like in this sense. I’m originally a Registered nurse, Bachelor degree holder, will be pursuing my master’s degree in the near future.  I work overnight in a hospital so you know my circadian sleep cycle rhythm will be out of whack.

          Right now, I feel like I’m in education limbo, I love schooling, but in the meantime I’ve got nothing to do. So I turned to blogging. Hopefully this will get me occupied before I start school again. Journal-ling had never been an easy task for me but I loved buying the books. The books had somehow fascinated me from the beginning. Big journals, small journals, lined and unlined ones, leather covers, plastic covers, cloth, you name, I have it all.

          I’ve also managed to only write in the first couple of pages of these notes and after a while, they are rendered useless. I just keep them on my shelves of unconquered journals.I realized anytime I shopped at Barnes and Nobles, I found myself ending up buying one or two journals at a time. Am I obsessed with just the books? You tell me.  I stay away from the store now, or I don’t buy any more books when I do shop.

         So anyway, journal-ling in these so called books, turned out to be a task for me. After a point in time, I remembered scolding myself for not being disciplined enough in the journal-ling area. I would sit down in front of the book and would literally tell myself I had to document in my journal daily, and this would last four days tops. I would just forget to keep this promise I made to myself.  

          Weeks, months or years down the line, when I came across the journals, I would honestly fall in love with the contents of the book that I had written with the little time I had dedicated and invested at that moment in time. Whether good or bad, the time I had captured in the journal would suddenly creep up on me like I had just experienced it.

          This is when I now question myself the reason why I had stopped, I would forgive myself and then to right the wrong, the next step would come to light. The urge to go to Barnes and Nobles would then rise up again in my mind, and I would have to go through the cycle all over again.

          I sat down one day and started to think on some of the projects I had started which never had an ending, and I recognized a pattern. I started writing a book, this had no ending yet. The book was about a lady who went through life like any other but was very troubled. While at work (a nursing home), she connected with an old lady there who had had an encounter with an angel who showed her what the afterlife would be like. Watch out for that when I do finish the book: one of my new projects.

          There was another project; all the designs I had drawn, I had decided to compile them all and write a piece about each and every one of them using Book Smart program. I had over two hundred and fifty of these designs.  Like the book writing, I had to place this project on hold, became too tedious. Maybe after my book writing project, I can focus on the designs. However you’re already enjoying a part of the designs. You’re right; my WordPress project became putting the designs online instead, and however the designs will still be featured in my BookSmart book.

          When I got too bored and needed something else, something new to get involved in, I bought a sewing machine. I also bought some materials needed to make a gown; believe it or not, my machine is somewhere around and I think that project ended from the beginning. I’m sure I’ll get to that by the time I’m 30. Now as I gather these thoughts, there are so many of my projects that need an ending. I feel the need to close the chapters I’ve started before I can succeed on this new chapter in blogging.  

           Honestly, I was already starting to think that blogging would be another of my boring thing to do, another of my would-be unfinished business. However I’ve shaken off that thought from my mind immediately, I want to succeed in this venture so that my love for writing, drawing, and sweet innocent creativity can really be showcased.


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