10 Questions

  1. HOW———–Questions need answers.
  2. WHAT————Ask them and don’t be shy.
  3. WHY———–Clarify what bothers you.
  4. WHO—————-Doubting will lead you astray.
  5. WHOSE——Our world needs a hero.
  6. WHEN————One to lead the race of life.
  7. COULD———–Maybe not just one person.
  8. WOULD—–But the hero in all of us.
  9. CAN——————Love your neighbor as yours.
  10. SHOULD————It really should start with you.
This generation needs people who’ll ask the right questions.                                 
This generation needs needs builders of the future.                                  
This generation needs to think good thoughts.                                 
This generation needs the right answers.                                
This generation needs peace and love.                              
This generations needs to pray.                              
This generation needs US.                            

 What questions come to mind that you believe can change our world? The world can be made a better place when we do good  to the ones who surround us. The ultimate gift to the world is love.. and it can happen with one person at a time, because love is definitely contagious. To start or make a change, that will have to start with ourselves, Like Michael sang in a song, “man in the mirror” its going to have to start with our lives, our behaviors, our lifestyles and so on.We all shouldn’t live like we have no father, we should have a type of spirit that cares and protects each other. If we don’t do that now, we only hurt the future generations. The things we use that injure the earth, that makes the earth sick and can’t be healed of makes me sick to my stomach. I fear for the next set of people that are our children who will rent this earth to live. If you feel this way I do, we need to get up immediately and start doing what we should. This process of change should burn in our hearts, we need to do something now to help heal the earth. This change will affect the whole world and like I said, let it start with you and I and i know we will succeed and I know only when we put our hands and heads together can we make a change. This change will birth a new future and a brighter tomorrow. Ten questions that can save the world, ten that can save you, let us know. please dont forget to comment

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